Feedback on my first GFX!

Hey Developers! I recently finished my first gfx/render, and would love some feedback!
What could be improved?
What did you like about it?
What should I fix/remove?
As always, thanks in advance for your feedback!


Looks really good! Good job :+1:

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Thanks man! I appreciate it! :smiley:

It looks amazing i love it You are amazing at this.

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That’s amazing for a first GFX!

I love the dynamic posing, you got that right on the first try. I also like how you tried lighting, that’s pretty impressive.

I also suggest trying using backgrounds next time! It’s important to learn early and it’ll make your lighting look even better, right now it looks a little blinding due to the bright white background.

You have great potential, so keep it up! :happy3:

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Thanks so much! What type of background should I use?
I came across some generic shape/eventful gfx backgrounds, but didn’t think it would fit.
Thanks so much for taking the time to give your feedback, it really means a lot!
I’ll definitely use a background for my next GFX!

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That’s really good for your first time.

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You should use a background that fits the theme you’re looking for or make it depict a scene or relate to it.

For example, if you’re making an army GFX that’s serious and realistic, you could use nature or a war scene in the background with the character at focus. If you’re making a cartoony icon, then using a sunburst or bright colors could work.

For future GFXs, try to avoid a background that’s the same color as the lighting so it wont look too bright. <3



way too bright, you can’t make out half of the hands, posing is nice but like the legs have a really weird give you need to fix.
is that their hand or a book? (brown part)
what is the design is why i ask
lighting is really nice though!

but it is pretty amazing for first ever render EVER in your whole entire life never rendered in blender before.

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The right arm looks thin and bended, other than that, it achieved the GFX basis, good job!

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Thanks! I’ll make sure to keep those things in mind for my next try!

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Pretty cool for your first GFX. As an artist myself, I am actually genuinely impressed.

First, let me point out what you did great. I love how you actually used a rig (most graphic beginners don’t know how to use it so good job with that :sad:) I like the color scheme of your avatar, and the pose is pretty sweet.

Let’s go into depth about what you could improve on. I see the arms are below the shoulders, so they should both be moved up a little bit so they aren’t too low. Second, the lighting is a bit too bright in the background. I would suggest either dimming it down just a tad bit or adding more contrast to the shadows on the render to differentiate it from the background, because the vibrant/neon colors in the back really turn the attention of viewers away from the actual avatar.

This is really good, good luck with your graphic design journey!

Cheers :cup_with_straw:

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Neat! The lighting suits the background as well! First time somehow… ?


  • Maybe add a custom background
  • Maybe move the logo to the top right corner but I understand why you did that so nobody copies it

Keep up the effort!

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Love the lighting. Sometimes less is more abs this is an example of that. Very clean style!

alrightt, that’s really good for a first gfx.
keep at it broseph


Looks incredible! I can’t say my first GFX looked pretty though.

Looks good, but the lighting on the sleeves are way too bright.

looks great! I’ve always wanted to do this but I’ve never found a website/App to make it work.

I like it! and looks really good! Good job :+1: :smiley: