Feedback on my first GFX[Old]


I took advice from you guys and downloaded some softwares to make my first GFXFEEDBACK
It’s inspired by a game with heavy graphics

please be as honest as possible, harsh feedback is okay for me because rudeness gets to me and I learn more from it


I like it, it’s very detailed in my opinion and I would definitely use this if I were making a GUI for my game. Good job!


wow, I didn’t really expect a “good” feedback from someone, but I don’t really see it detailed as much as you do. Maybe people in rbx devforum are just nice to me/everyone and sugar coats all their feedback.


I wouldn’t say that people “sugarcoat” their feedback, but I genuinely think it looks really nice and I believe you have some talent with GFX.


Look quite modern and professional, I like the smoothness of it and that. Excellent work!!


well as long as you said genuinely I think your speaking of truth, thanks though.

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Thank you, what do you think I should do to make it look even more modern and professional?

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You could try to play around with the fonts, personally I’m not a big fan of the font you have right now. I cant really think of much improvment points, nice job.


Well it is supposed to look like it’s from an arcade, but I think i’ll try to look for more fonts suitable for the theme if there is.

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That’s some nice GUIs! Which softwares did you use? I might consider using one of em.


I used gravita, it’s free and easy to use, i’m also using krita(well im sort of in the know what those button do phase)

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I like it, I can see the style you’re going for. Hard for me to describe since I don’t play many retro / arcade games but I understand what you’re trying to achieve.

Something that sets me off however is the placement of the text. I’d say I’m pretty experienced with kerning, and from what I can see, you’re centering the text while including the sort of ‘faded’ portions of the words. It sort of blends with the background and makes the word seem uncentered.

This may just be my OCD, but that’s about all the critique I can give you! Excellent work!


The faded text and some parts does make it look unpositioned correctly when you look at it longer, I’ll adjust the blurness and fades in that case.


I love the choice of colors and the shape of the graphics’, I also really like the font that you have used and the extra detail that you have included. A few of my suggestions would be…

  • Remove the shadow from the triangle at the bottom since the rest of the creation doesn’t really have shadows
  • Remove the empty white space on the top left side of each design and leave it being cut off
  • Perhaps use a different shade of grey for the lower part

thanks for the feedback and yeah, the shadow and the grey did look off for me from the start, I think im gonna change that later on.

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I would personally remove the random letters and numbers at the bottom but other than that it is amazing, I remember my first GFX was very bad

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To be fully honest, the fact that this is ur First GFX, It is an amazing, great work man!

Love the small detail, between each GUI, and the theme is kept the same but is original within its own color so it’s not plain/boring…

Amazing work man!

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no it’s not random xD, it’s my game’s title, and it’s supposed to be like a watermark design that moves

Thank you! I will keep up the good work, Im starting to see graphics as a fun thing to do than programming.

Ye the theme is arcade so I had to add alot of detail and I try to avoid leaving blank spaces on the gfx, oh and the color, I just like vibrant light roygbv cause it looks exciting in a way.