Feedback on my FIRST Homestore Build!

:wave: Hello everybody!

With the appearance of a commission, I was requested to build a homestore. Being my first homestore build, I’d like to share it and see what you think of it!

The homestore's overall description :

Style aimed for :

  • Soft pastel colors.
  • Shades of pink and slightly vibrant colors here and there.
  • Cute.

Specifications :

  • A total of 4 large rooms : (one containing separation walls) .
  • 57 mannequins; capacity of 114 total clothing items to be displayed.
  • Part count : 3493.
  • Lightning Technology usage : ShadowMap.
  • Other Lightning specifications : DoF, Atmosphere, Bloom, Blur, ColorCorrection;

See Below!

Entrance Hall :

Center :

Right Section :

Left Section :

And that’s about it!

This homestore consists of only interior due to me not being able to get the outer achitecture right. But to be honest I don’t think this would’ve looked cool with windows and such. Either way, let me know what do you think in the reply section!

Extras & Close-ups :

I take full credit for 99% of all the models with the exception of the following :

  • Sparkless Effect.
  • SkyBox responsible for the cool looking floor’s reflectancy.
  • LightBeam effect for the ceiling lights.

98% Built using Studio ONLY.

2% blender for multiple low-poly assets.

Thank you for your time. Have an awesome day! :+1:


That’s sure a lot of pink to say the least. Try adding some white. :flushed:


It’s looks so epic! I really like it, but i think it’s too bright.
9/10 :+1:


That looks so good! I can’t believe it’s your first build! It looks absolutely stunning!


The request was mainly pink haha. But I guess the mannequins are white. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thanks! Was bright for me at first too, but kind of got used to it working it for so long lol.

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It is cool and since the request was that much pink it actually is a 10/10 but omg the pink makes me blind man

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It’s POG considering that this is your first homestore, but it looks more like Barbie’s Dream House than a homestore… :man_shrugging:t6:


may be your first homestore, but defo not your first build. you’re amazing


It looks great! The lighting really elevates the experience and all the finishing touches and details really bring the whole build together. Loving the pink aesthetic, super cute!

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Thanks @IceTheOneAndOnly . Doing my best, this feedback really helps! :slight_smile:


Maybe add a secondary color to the pink. Something that show a little more aesthetic

I really liked alot of what you have in there…pink? yes is a bit pink but looks very fun and tons to look at.

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Is this homestore possibly for sale. I would love to buy this off of you!

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I think the person who wanted this would be amazed, bc i know i would . . . *i am bad at modeling *

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It’s not his first build, its his first HOMESTORE build!


Woah! Your building skills are :fire: How did you get that “blur” affect? I’m currently building a clothing store, and would love to use that.

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Wow- that is amazing for your first homestore!

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I absolutely love the theme and the amount of detail that was put into this. And this is your first homestore? I never would’ve thought so. This is just amazing, awesome job!


In explorer, hover over “Lighting” and click the circle with the plus sign. After that, click on “BlurEffect” then adjust how much blur you want. It looks really good with builds as you can see here, so I recommend you use it often.