Feedback on my game in early stages

So I have been working hard on my new game lately and it is my first ever decent project, I made the base of the game so I can expand now further on.

About the game
The game will feature different types of little games that you can play with up to 4 players, you can play it alone and find other players to play with or you can play with a party where you can also choose to play alone with that party or with other people too.

What will I add later on?
First of all I am gonna make more minigames on it, for now it is only 1 game but the others will go fast because I got the base game now. At the end I am gonna make an island where players can meat each other and do fun stuff together. I am not sure if I will release a public early alpha where you can play the minigames but without the island…

Some footage of in game
the quality is bad because I wanted it to fit on here

The reason why I made this topic is because I want to have some feedback on it so i can change some things or I can improve on it.
So any feedback is welcome, bad or good

thanks for reading!


Amazing game! I really like the concept! The only thing that I’d change is the menu position and maybe add some details to the maps

thanks, yeah the menu icon I know about that, I have to look for a better place but I will change that definitely. the detail to the map will also be added but for now I just want the basics so I can add them later on.

I really like the idea! Once the game is further in development with more minigames done, I’d add a Mario Party type gamemode where a party of 4 is on a board against each other battling for the most of some sort of currency having minigames after every round.

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yes, that is one of the gamemodes that I had in mind. I hope when it is done other people will like it and play it


Excellent work dude, maybe think about a kill feed UI

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Yeah good idea! I will add that