Feedback on my low poly school

I made this low poly school today. It took me a long time to make it .

I would surely like to know what you think about it and if there are any improvements to make.
Plus-the lighting is a little bad.


i think that the size of this isnt even close to a school , but i like it, it needs some potential updates of the size, it looks awesome!


I’m sorry if my feedback is going to offend you, but, i think you need more time building small-scale stuff like utensils, furniture, etc. Use plugins to reduce the time you spent on buidling, watch YouTube videos on solid modeling, building basics, and stuff like that. But, i gotta say, you’re going to have a bright future ahead of you!


i do use a lot of plugins.for trees and meshes usually

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i am thinking about expanding it.

i will convert this build either into a house or a large school

I like it! keep up the great work!

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thanks i will do my best to keep up my good work.

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It looks great! Maybe you could improve the door?

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This is not low poly. It’s just only a box with a few windows and a pyramid roof.

You definitely need to improve more of your building skills, because of the lacking details of the wall, bad uses of materials, and other. I believe you can create something better than this if you master more of your building skills.

Do you even know what low poly is? Give him constructive criticism and not be insolent.

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It looks good to me, except for little snippets of parts that stick out. Also in the first picture, it looks like the door overlaps into the wall. Perhaps work more on aligning parts? Other than that, it looks good.

There’s plenty of low poly builds like this.

Compare these low poly pics to his.

Do you see the difference?

There’s no point arguing on the forum. You both may as well just quit it, honestly. We’re supposed to be giving feedback not an arguing game. Honestly.

Other than the current argument.

The building looks fine. Although there is a few mistakes but we all make mistakes.

Good job, honestly.

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Thanks, his low poly build is kinda worth it since he works hard on it. He will get better soon!

Everyone can imrpove and get better. It’s the key to developing, you make mistakes and you learn from them. You educate yourself to make sure your mistakes are gaining education and you yourself, is educating yourself.

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That’s what Bill Gates said, it’s a very inspirational quote.

I think you’re the one starting drama here. Please give constructive feedback and don’t yell at the other user if the work looks bad. Giving complients will do more help and encourage the other user to do better. If you’re going to say something bad just don’t reply.

topic1, topic2 ← Examples

Hope I was clear.

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Don’t let the negativity come down on you. You’re entitled to have your own opinions and your decisions. There is no point doubting yourself just because others say. You’re amazing in your own ways. Everyone is different and unique, we learn from mistakes. Don’t let people come down on you and anyone.

No more arguing, thank you. Constructive feedback is what is needed inside these posts. Not to have a virtual argument. x

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