Feedback on my low poly school

This is not low poly. It’s just only a box with a few windows and a pyramid roof.

You definitely need to improve more of your building skills, because of the lacking details of the wall, bad uses of materials, and other. I believe you can create something better than this if you master more of your building skills.

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Do you even know what low poly is? Give him constructive criticism and not be insolent.

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It looks good to me, except for little snippets of parts that stick out. Also in the first picture, it looks like the door overlaps into the wall. Perhaps work more on aligning parts? Other than that, it looks good.

There’s plenty of low poly builds like this.

Compare these low poly pics to his.

Do you see the difference?

There’s no point arguing on the forum. You both may as well just quit it, honestly. We’re supposed to be giving feedback not an arguing game. Honestly.

Other than the current argument.

The building looks fine. Although there is a few mistakes but we all make mistakes.

Good job, honestly.

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Thanks, his low poly build is kinda worth it since he works hard on it. He will get better soon!

Everyone can imrpove and get better. It’s the key to developing, you make mistakes and you learn from them. You educate yourself to make sure your mistakes are gaining education and you yourself, is educating yourself.

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That’s what Bill Gates said, it’s a very inspirational quote.

I think you’re the one starting drama here. Please give constructive feedback and don’t yell at the other user if the work looks bad. Giving complients will do more help and encourage the other user to do better. If you’re going to say something bad just don’t reply.

topic1, topic2 <- Examples

Hope I was clear.

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Don’t let the negativity come down on you. You’re entitled to have your own opinions and your decisions. There is no point doubting yourself just because others say. You’re amazing in your own ways. Everyone is different and unique, we learn from mistakes. Don’t let people come down on you and anyone.

No more arguing, thank you. Constructive feedback is what is needed inside these posts. Not to have a virtual argument. x

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The point of the DevForum is to give advice.

This is not low poly. It’s just only a box with a few windows and a pyramid roof.

That is not advice, it’s vilifying someone’s build, there’s plenty of other things you could say such as “The window isn’t aligned” or “The color of the build is quite plain”.

Not saying anything more than this.

I think it looks great for a somewhat old school roblox style like 2008-2012 builds, Maybe fitting for a brickbattle game :slight_smile:

Sorry for the drama going on in here, but your build is fine. It just need more improvements since your starting. Hope you be the best builder!

Since you don’t say that it’s your first build or not, It’s not that good at all.
The placement is all wrong.
The door is Z-fighting with the walls, the windows are sticking out, and all you use is plastic. (unless that’s part of low-poly builds)
I want you to try again, and taking all of these into consideration. Hopefully it will be better than this.
But remember, you gotta keep trying and never give up!

Try and make it have more wings. Schools generically aren’t one long house. For example, my high school has three major areas and a hallway connecting them. Schools also have an exterior too, so don’t forget details like a parking lot or a soccer field!

This is my school for reference. Click on the image to reveal the other half.


Try to align everything, stop the z-framing that is occurring, and try adding in more details than just the two bricks.

My issue with this is not that it’s a bad design as much as it is sloppy in terms of how it is put together. Keep your proportions correct. I recommend making the windows neon, changing the colors so that they work better together, and pulling the bricks and windows into the building more so it seems like they are actual windows and bricks instead of huge things that are kinda hanging off the side of a building.

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OK I will take your advice…i will make the windows neon. And stop the z fighting.

Consider to keep response on topic and related to the thread. As for the OP i would consider reducing the blocky approach as it’s quite simple and simplistic depending on what approach your wanting to go for.

I’m assuming your referring to a cartoony build if so the color is a bit off, low poly builds normally strive for more vibrant brighter colors. Try including more variety of shapes and possibly some text in the front make it more natural i’ll try to follow reference images to get a overall good approach as shapes and color pallets.

For cartoony builds aim for warm, vibrant colors, add something in the background maybe some trees or a football field so on and so forth, you could get some ideas in some images to get the full detail or look at existing builds and see what kind of color scheme they have small objects could improve the overall design. Otherwise my small recommendation would be try improving certain areas


I will try to research on low poly builds more and try to make builds which are more appealing to you. I will also research on colours of cartoony builds .Any way thanks to everyone for their feedback. I will try to better myself over the coming time.
Plus @TestyLike3 it is my first build.

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