Feedback on Semi-Realistic Sci-fi City

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently working on this project for a group I’m currently developing and I figured I’d share some of my progress so far. I’m pretty happy with what I have as of yet. I’m hoping to have it in a releasable state within the next few months. NOTE: It is not anywhere near a finished product (more like a showcase atm) and there are still many bugs. You’ve been warned.

It’s kinda a showcase for now.

Here is a link to the game in its current state: Benova Settlement
Here’s a link to the group I’m making the game for: The Xevlar Empire

Pictures of Current Progress

This is the start screen:

These are some other pictures I took:

Previous Progress Post (Last Year)

If anyone has any questions regarding how I did something, feel free to ask. I will try to keep this thread updated if I see that’s what ya’ll want.


It is a little bit oversaturated and needs a terrain makeover.


This is understandable, but if you could be more specific as to what I should aim to fix when doing a terrain makeover.

Literally remake it in world machine. It will give you way better terrain.

I purchased world creator for this so if you want to hire me then DM me

Download world machine here


Overall, this game is amazing, but I think it needs more cinematic lighting too.

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I’ll look into that, I’m currently learning blender so I might just have to do a terrain overhaul later on. Cinematic lighting is something I’m currently working on, I haven’t gotten used to the new future lighting update. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

I recommend you learn world machine. The learning curve is high but it is worth it.

Some people who can help you with this are the heightmap importers of robloxia. They are terrain professionals. DM me on discord Logimite#1015 so I can send an invite to their server.

Thanks for the recommendations, and I really appreciate all the tips!

Try using the ColorCorrection filter to fix the oversaturation

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I disagree with the comments saying things are too saturated, I believe you have a very nice balance and the game looks fantastic. Particularly the image I quoted above, it looks awesome. Well done!


Thank you for the feedback, I’ll make this adjustment.

I appreciate the kind words! Thank you!

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Not bad! It kind of reminds of my own Sci-Fi city I’m currently working on for my own group (see here). Keep up the great work friend, I look forward to seeing the finished product!

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Looks nice for a beginning, I know you can always improve later if needed.

The only thing which I’d preferably comment on is that some areas (according to your pictures) seem a bit plain/empty, maybe try adding in a bit more decoration to fill up the space?

Looks great otherwise!

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