What are you working on currently? (2021)

Something different, like a Cinema or a Theater, maybe to my city too


A scrapped project of mine and @Avys_Solaeter which didn’t last 2 days :sweat:


More art!
Random character with some kewl explosions

Art for upcoming game After Dawn by @NewWorld_Studios

Just practice for fun

My 2020 halloween avatar. Looks like a :jack_o_lantern:


I am currently working on a game called Last Defense. It’s gonna be a 3D adventure game, with an original soundtrack, cool enemies and unique stages! Hope to publish it sometime this year!
OST: SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds


Trying to break the boundaries of roblox, specifically the 700 player per server limit. Currently I’m working on this proof of concept that has worked in testing so far: baseplate but with infinite players - Roblox

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I’m working on a sci-fi/future themed city for my group and I’m planning on releasing it in the next few months.

Here is a link to the game: Benova Settlement

Here are some pics

Here is the post I made that has more info:


How did you do the colors? For the Biomes

Same, I have always avoided moving into Lua because the syntaxing put me off and Roblox Studio isn’t the best programme, but since I have to work in it for UI, I have finally decided that I am going to go for it. I have started with writing an admin because it is pretty easy and will teach me the basics. I am basically just porting my Discord bot written in JavaScript into Studio, the framework is exactly the same.

Got a new gpu yesterday :grinning:
Updated the SSJG transformation (The eyebrows and eye colour dont change yet)


I’ve been working on a map trying to imitate the look of an old group called The Principality Of Alpenraum, here it is:
robloxapp-20210128-1240254.wmv (2.1 MB)

Is that the new Studio update? How did you get it? :shock:

Wow cool man, looks like some world of warcraft build😂

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Currently working on this barn.


Working on a “”“remake”" of JJBA Heritage for the Future, which is by many seen as the best JoJo Fighting game (despite being really old) Trying my best to give that same vibe, whilst adding some other mechanics (and maybe removing them). My main goal with it is to make it fast y’know, fast combat where every move matters, no lame gameplay allowed

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I’m creating this game (I don’t know if “Project Rooms” will be the final name, probably not)
This game will be about rooms with puzzles that you must discover the door code to pass to the next room.

And i’m creating some models. (I did a background for my Twitter acc, @duck_studiosRBX, that i use to post my models.)



I am still developing my game

Thumbnail of one of the newest games:

I also got Premium and I tried creating shirts.


I’m working on a new monetization tool called Bloxbiz that lets you monetize your game with in-game ads that look like billboards and posters. We’re hoping to launch soon and looking for feedback!


Right now, I’ve been working on a large scale game idea I have, but to earn robux I’ve been building a bit for some other games, which is definitely helping me improve my style. I really want to learn LUA soon, so hopefully I’ll get onto that this year!

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Made my first script! (It reduces lag) made many meme models as well!

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