Find all purchase facing scripts

As a seasoned Roblox developer, it’s pretty easy for me to find the needle in the haystack when it comes to malicious scripts. But many developers my junior have quite the difficult time getting around the malicious scripts that constantly post up “Buy admin here”

Of course, these items never actually give you admin, and typically are devproducts so even if you purchase it, you will still be bombarded over and over. New Players who purchase these items think that the developer is scamming them, but in reality, the developer is being scammed too. More control could be done to help the players not be bombarded by these prompts however.

To make it easier for developers to find these bad scripts, any script that causes a purchase prompt should be able to be highlighted. This way, developers can quickly find and kill these off. I’d also like to see this get linked into the Script Inserted Notification System to let users know when a script that is going to prompt a purchase has been inserted. This should notify the developer anytime a script that will prompt a purchase is brought up. Whether it’s from inserting a model, or from a plugin, or anything that causes a script to go into the game.