Find All / Replace All: Full Release!

Hi Developers!

We are excited to announce that we are ready to release the enhanced Find All / Replace All feature!

Around 2 months ago, we released the Find All / Replace All beta that added convenient script navigation across your entire Place. Your feedback during our beta period was invaluable, and we have worked hard at fixing bugs, implementing many of the changes you suggested, and enhancing usability and performance.

Here are the major changes since the beginning of beta:

Indicate current context in Find results. Find All / Replace All window will be able to visually indicate the current context.

While finding in Play mode, the current context (Server or Client) icon is shown between the toolbar and Find Results section. While finding in Editing mode, same as beta experience, no icons will be shown.

Replace / ReplaceAll will be associated with the current data model. If a Replace / ReplaceAll action is made during a Play session, the results will be presented in the Find Result section immediately, but won’t be reflected in Script Editor until the Play session ends.

Other Major Changes

  • “Where to look” filter is hidden by default, and can be toggled by clicking the filter icon
  • In Find results, file entries under a certain amount of results are expanded by default
  • Fixes to Tab behavior. You can use Tab to move between Find and Replace fields now

Feature Rollout

To provide more transparency, Find All / Replace All will be released in a phased rollout. Starting today, we are launching Find All / Replace All as a default-on Beta for a small but meaningful percentage of the Studio user base.

Over the next few weeks, we will progressively ramp up to 100%. In the meantime, we will closely monitor crashes and errors. If any significant issues are uncovered, we will roll the feature back to opt-in Beta.

We hope the new Find All / Replace All can help you speed up your workflow.

Happy Navigating!

Big shout-out to the team for all the hard work they have been doing to bring Find All/Replace All to life. @IcyTides, @altisaltaccount, @Regal_Corgi, @iriszh, @windy0724, @GeneralRelish


Wow, I just thought yesterday that this would’ve been attached after a long time. Now I can rename my things. I’ve renamed them wrongly and couldn’t know what to do in the scripts. I chose not to change their name again. But after viewing that good news, I don’t have to use the incorrect ones anymore.

Thank you so much for this complete release!


I like the improvements made to the widget since the beta period, but one minor issue wasn’t addressed in it, which is that the widget does not automatically focus the search box after the shortcut is pressed.

I am not sure if this is intended behavior or not, because this post in the beta thread says that the auto-focusing happens for them after they press the shortcut:

If this is an intended change, it adds friction which did not exist before to the usage flow by forcing me to move my hands out of my keyboard, selecting the textbox with my mouse, then moving my hands back to the keyboard - something which already happened automatically in the previous version of the widget.

This may seem minor, but it consumes time which could better be spent doing other tasks and puts strain on my hands and arms, which, again, did not occur with the old widget.

Please reconsider adding(/fixing) the auto-focusing behavior to this new widget before its final version is released and doing these changes becomes more logistically difficult.


Very nice update! Now I don’t have to go around ctrl+f each script to replace my duplicate misspelling!


I used to have to use ctrl-f to replace all in one script or find all using ctrl-shift-f

find all and replace all is helpful for saving time
thank you


Wow I love this, this is amazing I love this feature it is better than the new materials! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I can finally see if my friend is adding virus’s to my games :slight_smile: lol


Thank you for pointing this out @codes4breakfast and @stravant.
This is a bug. We are aware of it, and the fix is ready for deployment. You will no longer have this frustrating experience when we roll out to 100%.


I have 3 things to say.

  1. GREAT UPDATE! I have been using this a lot in the beta phase and it has been SO helpful!

  2. So I have been wondering, @Rusi_002, about this for awhile while using it in beta, but is it possible when going through searches, to find the word(s) you are looking for and delete the entire line, instead of just the word?

  3. When searching, I tried pasting whole like 3-4 line blocks of code in the search bar, so I could search for big chunks, but it wasn’t working very well. When searching, how can I look for blocks of code, bigger than one line?


This change is very awesome!

I personally find myself using the find feature to locate different aspects of code and find its uses to be an integral part of my workflow.

I would like to see the addition of hovering over the script’s full name in the results entry so that I can see exactly where the script is.

Currently, if the full path is too long, it will shorten itself to “…Folder.Script”. It would help me significantly if hovering over this would display the full path name in a hover text box, or better yet, double clicking the script will select it in the file explorer.

Awesome work and I can’t wait to see where this goes!


This update is honestly amazing, and there was definitely alot of positivity on the old posts.

I am sort of responding to the hate on how you cant bring back the legacy textures. You can just use decals aka textures for it. But yes, its still bad about terrain. I would still prefer an option especially for nostalgia/legacy games and mainly builds.

I hope roblox can make more updates like this.

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Wow, pretty amazing. Sadly, I already went one by one and changed every name for anything I spelled incorrectly.


This looks really good! That’ll be extremely helpful for my future projects! Time to turn on beta.

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We do have the delete-whole-line feature. Here is how it works:

  1. Enable Regex option, the image button on the right side of the Find bar.
  2. Search the whole line with .*keyword.*
  3. Blank the replace box
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Multi-line search should work with Regex enabled as well, but there are still some minor bugs to fix for it.

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Thanks for your feedback! We don’t support hovering over to show the complete path at this moment, but we hear you.
An “ugly” workaround for now is to resize the Find All/Replace All window and make it wide

This is a so cool thing which would help me and other people who are scripters. Keep up the great work ROBLOX! :slight_smile:

Oh ok thanks! So I know that you can do that and all but (sorry I didn’t explain this very well before) let’s say I wanted to delete all print lines in every script I had, but all of the lines are printing different things, what I want to figure out is if I can just put in the key word “print”, and then it deletes every line, regardless of what it prints?

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this came out the same time-ish that Roblox is renaming games to “Experiences.” Beware the inevitable forced renaming of “game” to “experience” in your code!


Yes! You can delete all “print()” following the steps in my last post and using “print” as the keyword.
Hope this screenshot helps

Note: Don’t use “Replace All” in this case. Use “Replace” line by line.