First full game made. Zombie Base Defence. Do kindly take a look

hello community!

This is a strategic shooter and hence you need to manage your command points for deployment and kill zombies for more points. Tactic matters so you have to consider spending your precious command points on a soldier or a combat engineer to repair the walls.

i made an “AI Director” script which tracks the player progress and adapts accordingly. This is so that no two games are exactly same. For example if you are doing well, watch out for greater challenges. If you are struggling, the AI Director will “try” to be nice to you. ( only during early game haha )

I also tried to bring upon an intense atmosphere. The AI Director cues music based on the situation. If you hear a menacing track, better watch up!

Alas i am just a dreamer with hopes but not competent at coding / graphics . . i will be most happy to see many people having fun with this game! Hopefully you can kindly give it a try and let me know how i can make it better.

Much appreciated!

Zombie Base Defence


Very nice but short game with no replayability I’ll just list the pros and cons I found in my playthrough:


  1. Interesting AI Mechanics, when the soldier AI throws a grenade onto the horde of zombies and they all blow up it was very satisfying.

  2. Smooth? Gameplay soldiers did the expected with no bugs of standing on the barrier except for when they fall down from the barrier and inevitably get eaten.

  3. Earning points to mass up a soldier army was really fun.

  4. Simple and pleasant GUI

  5. The sound design for the guns and explosions are pretty ok and fitting (especially the grenade)


  1. AI can be dumb at times and can teamkill each other, turret bullets and marines harm each other and players. turret bullets miss the zombies most of the time and are expensive and limited while the marines have infinite ammo and grenades so it’s easy to choose which one to buy. (Also kinda defeats the purpose of Tactics matter when there is only one choice to make)

  2. Pistol and bat are very unresponsive and prone to server lag, Most of the time it feels like my shots are not registering at all.

  3. Zombie AI is exploitable and doesn’t make any attempt to surround the player which leads to a single-player carrying the game by kiting the zombies. (This can easily be solved by spawning zombies at the sides of the map to flank the player to make up for the shortcomings of the AI)

  4. Most importantly no replayability, not enough options, and combinations for the player to choose to defend their base. I suggest simply adding more AI types, guns, and enemy types.


Thank you! What do you mean more ai types?

And if possible kindly expand more on how to make it more replay - able.

Appreciate the feedback. It helps alot :slight_smile:

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I feel like the zombies are unnatural, instead of trying to go around the wall they go right into the wall.

The thing I like is commanding your own army.


Ok sure, to make it more replayable we gotta look into other popular zombie wave defense games:

Both these games have a lot of grind (Not necessarily bad) to get new guns and it takes a lot of time to try out every single one of them and see it they are good or bad and evaluate the strategy. Most of the grind is for new guns which I guess can get pretty boring, your game is special because of the AI system so you should spice it up by each player commanding their own squad whose zombies killed belongs to the commander.

Plus more AI types to make fighting the zombies more fun like the previous wave defense games I mentioned: example simple fast running zombie, tank zombie which make the game more difficult as well.


Ok. Thank you. I will work on it and invite you again when I upgrade it :slight_smile: thank you


Thank you ! any more suggestions for me?


It depends if the game is WIP, some of the suggestions I might tell you might just be there since your working on it.


This is so far the main idea. However you all have given me many wonderful ideas . . I realise there is so much more I can work on ! Do feel free to let me know the other ideas you have. I will appreciate alot.


Yeah about this, to easily fix the AI movement problem you can just give the player control over them so you don’t have to worry about scripting the pathing towards the barrier(The automatic shooting seems fine except for when they team kill you). Plus it will really make the player feel like they are in control.


Ok. Do you have any resource / direction I can read and learn about players moving the soldiers or placing turrets etc. I currently don’t know how to even start in that area. Thank u


I also feel like you should give this guy some credit since you used his marine script and model

But it’s your choice


Yes! I did initially. And I even went to His discord To want to thank him. But he wasn’t around. The attribution However got cut off when I did the new update list.

Maybe I remove the update list to thank him again.


Oh that’s good then. Other then that I think your game has a pretty neat concept but it needs some impovement (fixing bugs ect.)


Ok so here’s the general resource which requires extensive reading into the dev API referencing:

Im assuming your soldiers are humanoids so to move them you would just use the MoveTo command,

Use the UserInput service to detect mouse movement and position in the world through ray casting.

For selecting multiple units at once, thats going to get more tricky with a lot of options and you should probably ask for help in scripting support instead once you have tried thinking on how to do it by yourself.



Fixed. I removed the upgrade note and added the thanks to him again :slight_smile: he really did a great job. Hopefully he appears here for me to thank him personally too. haha. He is offline usually in discord it seems.

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.


Ok. Thank you so much. I really appreciate the time you took to advise. Have a wonderful day!!!


Oh what do you mean by selecting multiple units at once?

Like directing where your troops go ?


I was thinking of a system like in Conquerors 3 you know, the box selection thing


Yes. He kindly told me direct control can be fun!

However I am totally 0% in that area of script.

Someone also told me to make turrets placement for players.

But I am totally clueless. Hopefully I can find a script or YouTube video that I can learn from ( besides the dev ref )