Fix the flagging system

What exactly was your post about? Maybe it was controversial so someone flagged it.

My topic was talked about in a youtube channel called “KonekoKitten” and is also being talked about by many develoeprs.


Your topic is good and is addressing an actual issue. It definitely shouldn’t have gotten flagged.


Exactly. I had to deal with this in other topics as well and I am certain that other developers are experiencing this.

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This topic belongs in that catagory. I have read all of the rules of that catagory and it fits the topic. The catagory is not just for the art of developing games. Moderation has already said that the post is perfectly fine. Thank you for your concern though.


You’re right, sorry. Development Discussion has gone through several rewrites of its guidelines and many people still have the old strict rules where everything in development discussion was supposed to be about developing games memorized, and still abide by them. Other users are spiteful about them having been changed. Many users will flag everything in that category that strays too far towards the community and social side than the development side.

I think Development Discussion should be renamed to e.g. Developer Discussion or something similar, since it is no longer strictly about development. Renaming a category to solve a community behavior problem is rather destructive towards links however.


The system that the flagging goes through is monitored by real people and DET can determine if your post fits the category and take action if needed. The main issue is the people on the forum abusing the system, they just flag everything they see that’s either: not agreeing with their opinions and just “feels” it’s not in the right category. Because of this, that’s why your post was locked. In my opinion, DET should’ve left your post up there since it was following the rules, however, the community didn’t agree with it.

Due to the lack of a definition of what the #development-discussion is supposed to be used for, it’s hard for many to determine what the right posts are. I’ve seen this personally. For instance, my post once was talking about development, however, people really didn’t see that and went to interact more with one of the random posts that breaks the rules.

I do believe there needs to be communication of what posts are allowed, it’s becoming a mess there.


You can’t flagged once again after your post got restored from the first flag. It is done to prevent abuse. If a person tries to flag a post after it got restored, they wouldn’t be able to do it.

I simply do agree in this, however it goes through real people when a post is ‘flagged’ therefore there must be a solid reason of why your post was flagged. I understand the need to be annoyed however it seems that a mistake was made on your end.

Of agards to the topic, I do agree on it and I think the ‘flag system’ should have changed.

This is incorrect. Moderation messaged me saying that someone can flag it again after restoring. And someone did.

My topic is good to go. It has been reviewed by moderation and has been restored. It meets all the rules. So there is not a solid reason why it was flagged.

I want this topic mainly to be focussed about the whole issue its self. (Not my topic)
For anyone who is wondering if my topic is in the wrong. It is completely on-topic and not against the rules. My topic was approved by moderation.
If you need further clarification, my topic was referenced and explained in this video:


You are giving only one example here and instead of an actual fact we get your opinion on flagging system.

Well if you break two rules in one post (comment/reply) what do you expect to happen?

Your topic that got flagged isn’t encouraging us to discuss anything about development, rather actual issue that happens on roblox. This doesn’t touch certain body of us. I am not gonna bring the discuss here, but as @PeZsmistic said, your topic doesn’t fit into this topic. People will probably always mess Development Discussion with Roblox Discussion. I am not angry about this because “It’s not my problem, but roblox’s”. Another thing: not knowing rules doesn’t terminate you from not knowing them.

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If you are talking about my other topic:
As I said in my earlier post, I would not like for this topic to talk specifically about my post. If you read some posts in this topic, you would know that my post is totally fine. My post is perfectly fine, it has been approved by moderation, and there is nothing wrong with it. I don’t see how you are using PeZsmistic as an example when he actually agreed with me that my post is not against the rules. PeZsmistic has already agreed with me in post 8.
(Fix the flagging system - #8 by PeZsmistic)
I advise you to look through the development discussion category rules before making a post talking about my topic.
Hope this clears up confusion. :slight_smile:

If you are talking about this topic:
I am sorry that you don’t agree, but some people agree with me that the flagging system is out of control. If you have any positive and constructive words to share with us then please do so. If you have not experienced the brunt of the flagging system then this topic does not concern you. Thank you though.

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If your post gets flagged, and moderation decides to lock it, that’s because it was correctly flagged.

This is where your story falls apart. If you did magically somehow appeal that and get it approved again, people cannot flag it again. It will simply tell them “we have decided this post doesn’t break any rules” and throw out reports from there on.

(also yes, your post was offtopic due to it having nothing to do with development. Sure the crown of O’s itself is development related, but your topic was entirely about people begging/cheating to get it, very similar to all those “are afk farms bad?” threads)


"If your post gets flagged, and moderation decides to lock it, that’s because it was correctly flagged." No, this is incorrect. The staff member apologized for locking and unlisting my post. Staff members also make mistakes.

"If you did magically somehow appeal that and get it approved again, people cannot flag it again." No this is incorrect. The staff member said that it can get flagged again.

And as I said earlier, my topic is not off-topic. I am not going to restate myself over and over.
There is no reason to argue here, this is a topic on Forum Feedback, not arguing.

I don’t see a reason why everyone is trying to prove your point. If moderation says my post is not breaking any rules, the discussion is over. If you have not already educated yourself on the rules for the Development Discussion category, then please go ahead and read the rules. I am not going to repeat myself here, this is not a discussion to talk about another post.


What needs to happen is only top contributors and above should be able to flag posts, that way it will be a person with experience an way less spam…

Top contributor is a legacy title and there is no reason why flagging has to be limited. TL1+ should be able to flag, and it’s not even possible to make it so only users with a certain badge can flag, at least not without a plugin. I think the opposite should be discussed as well: the flagging system going underused. Topics that are straight up harassment have had flags put against it declined and they stay up to this day.

Also considering that a particular top contributor abused DD once, I’m not sure that just because someone has top contributor that their judgment is automatically better.


But don’t you think it would be a better idea to let someone who has been on the forum awhile, and knows how topics work and can make a better decision flag posts, vs someone who just came on the forum thinking “ooh I don’t like what you are saying, hey look there’s a flag feature, SPAM!” I am exaggerating a bit, but you get my point.

Sorry what are tl1+?

And that too?

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Honestly I don’t know the exact solution. Mabye it could be giving permissions to people who have been on the devforum longer and are well known. Some people flag topics just if they don’t agree. Some people flat out abuse the system and flag every post they see.