FogInfluence property

Currently on Roblox, it’s impossible to allow SurfaceGuis and BillboardGuis to show through fog without also setting them to always appear on top.

One common use case for this is 3D skyboxes - since these rely on far away BillboardGuis to render under all other objects in the scene, any fog applied to the place ends up completely blocking out all of the colour in the skybox. For this reason, it’s impossible to use a 3D skybox and fog at the same time.

My proposed solution to this is a new property on SurfaceGuis and BillboardGuis called FogInfluence. When set to true (default), it would act as normal, with the surface blending with fog like it does now. When set to false, it would stop blending with fog, instead cutting right through. However, it would not overlap other level geometry.

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This should also be a property of BaseParts and pretty much all other rendered objects. I’m tired of neon parts not being visible through fog.