Fonts in Creator Marketplace + 81 New Fonts

Hey Developers,

We are excited to announce that we’ve launched a new section in the Creator Marketplace for browsing through fonts and added 81 new fonts to the Marketplace!

To use these fonts, you can find them in the marketplace and click Install.

Once installed, they will appear in the font picker within the properties panel in Studio.

Future plans

We’re working on adding even more fonts. Our goal is to offer the entire Google Fonts catalog of more than 1500 free fonts.

In addition to that, we hope to add more filtering functionality in the Toolbox for finding fonts, such as search.

Using in Code

To use these fonts in code, you can go to the ... menu in the Toolbox and click Copy ID.

You can also copy the ID from the font picker in the properties panel by right clicking on a font.

Once you have the asset ID, you can put it into your code like this:

textLabel.FontFace ="rbxassetid://1234")

Or like this:

textLabel.FontFace = Font.fromId(1234)

Alternatively, you can add an Attribute on your script with a type of Font so you can pick the font visually, and then use script:GetAttribute("InsertNameHere") in your script.


For more info on how to use fonts in Lua, check out the documentation: Font | Roblox Creator Documentation

Using in RichText

Fonts can be used in RichText by copying the ID of the font (shown above) and using <font family="">, like this:

here is
<font family="12187361943">Parisienne</font>


Creator Marketplace

Fonts can also be found on the website under the Creator Marketplace.

List of new fonts

Click to expand
Name Asset ID
Akronim 12187368317
Are You Serious 12187363616
Audiowide 12187360881
Barlow 12187372847
Barrio 12187371991
Blaka 12187365104
Bungee Inline 12187370000
Bungee Shade 12187367666
Caesar Dressing 12187368843
Cairo 12187377099
Caveat 12187369802
Codystar 12187363887
Damion 12187607722
Dancing Script 8764312106
Eater 12187372382
Faster One 12187370928
Finger Paint 12187375716
Fira Sans 12187374954
Frijole 12187375194
Fuzzy Bubbles 11322590111
Great Vibes 12187375958
Hind Siliguri 12187361378
Hind 12187361116
IBM Plex Sans JP 12187364147
Inter 12187365364
Irish Grover 12187376910
Italianno 12187374273
Kanit 12187373592
Kings 12187371622
La Belle Aurore 12187607116
Lato 11598289817
Libre Baskerville 12187365769
Lobster 8836875837
Lora 12187366657
M PLUS Rounded 1c 12188570269
Marhey 12187364648
Monofett 12187606783
Monoton 12187374098
Montserrat 11702779517
Mukta 12187365559
Mulish 12187372629
NanumGothic 12187361718
Nosifer 12187377325
Nothing You Could Do 12187367901
Noto Sans HK 12187362892
Noto Sans 12187370747
Noto Serif HK 12187366846
Noto Serif JP 12187369639
Noto Serif SC 12187376739
Noto Serif TC 12187368093
Nunito Sans 12187363368
Open Sans 11598121416
PT Sans 12187606934
PT Serif 12187606624
Pacifico 12187367362
Parisienne 12187361943
Playfair Display 12187374765
Poppins 11702779409
Prompt 12187607287
Quicksand 12187371324
Rajdhani 12187375422
Raleway 11702779240
Roboto Slab 12187368625
Rubik Burned 12187363148
Rubik Iso 12187362120
Rubik Marker Hatch 12187367066
Rubik Maze 12187366475
Rubik Wet Paint 12187369046
Rubik 12187365977
Rye 12187372175
Sedgwick Ave Display 12187376357
Shadows Into Light 12187607493
Silkscreen 12187371840
Sono Monospace 12187362578
Sono 12187374537
Tajawal 12187377588
Tangerine 12187376545
Teko 12187376174
Unica One 12187364842
Work Sans 12187373327
Yellowtail 12187373881

A BIG thank you to everyone who helped make this happen: @applepinecake @colorlessgreenideas @crayzdesi4 @DrRanchDressing @ehopehopehope @FriendlyAdder @leek_clee @Thunderbolt5140 @Tiffblocks @uiuxartist

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you.


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Awesome! Is there an ETA for when we’ll be able to upload UGC fonts to the catalog marketplace? Or are their certain copyright limitations that need to be ironed out first?


It’s nice to see some new fonts added to the list of fonts we have to use.

A question I have is, will there be a time where we can upload our own fonts for people to use at all? I was just wondering due to them getting added to the creator marketplace and I think that would be a cool idea if we wanted to make our own fonts and upload them to Roblox for others or ourselfs to use. If not I am going to be honest, I don’t see much point of a new category just for fonts.


So excited to use these fonts in my games and in my sign generator plugin! Thank you Roblox! In the future, will users be able to create their own fonts perhaps?


(post deleted by author​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​)


Fonts!!! Can’t wait for more creative use!!!


Are there any plans to upload custom fonts to the toolbox?


While over 1500 fonts is probably to the point where I dont even need it, it’d still be nice to upload custom fonts to Roblox


FINALLY, this has been craved for and NEEDED for many years, im sure UI designers will feel extremely happy about this change and I am personally very satisfied as this was much anticipated…


That is great! Can’t wait for more fonts. :+1:


The font is in the marketplace here! Can I upload the custom font now?


They have not even said that we will be able to, only that they have added them to the creator marketplace.

Lets be honest though, if they say we can upload them but they are just finishing it off they probs will take 1-2 or something years like the Roblox videos seem to be taking for us to upload our own videos onto Roblox. :laughing:


Lets go!!
Can’t wait to use some new fonts for development!


Thank you for adding Inter, very cool. The other fonts are cool too. Could the page for each font display more than one style? Would be very useful for previewing fonts.


Is there any particular reason why IBM Plex Sans JP was included but the regular IBM Plex Sans was not? What process was used to decide these fonts specifically?


Likely won’t be able to given that licensing and uploading fonts that they didn’t create will be very difficult to manage. On the bright side, Google fonts has a ton of fonts and likely will be able cover all of our necessities! Especially with the future 1500+ fonts coming


I can not count the days of how long I’ve been waiting for this. Thank you :pray:


This is amazing! I love seeing new aspects of creativity being unlocked for developers! It does get old seeing the same few fonts in games, and there have been so many times when you just can’t find the right font for what you’re trying to achieve, so this should greatly improve that!

I can’t wait to see where this goes in the future!


This is AMAZING. Never thought of the addition of new fonts coming so soon, especially 1,500 fonts coming along the way, it’s always welcomed! UGC, licensed free fonts would be a great addition for custom fonts!