[FOR HIRE] GFX and UI Designer, Sinister

About me and my Experience

Hey Developers! I am Sinister and I am a new logo designer. I’ve been using Photoshop for almost 3 years now but never noticed that I was professional enough to make incredible designs so here I am, your new GFX and UI designer. Mainly UI designer.

Group Logo

Nothing for now

Game Logo


User Interface




I accept group funds (robux) and PayPal. You can also offer me Roblox/Steam Giftcards. The information of each price is in the Commission Sheet below. :slight_smile:

Positioning & Scripting [UI]

I can fully position your UI’s and can only script the following:

  • TweenService
  • UserInputService
  • Adding cool sounds to your UI’s
  • Player’s name and avatar
  • Toggle ON/OFF

I can position your UI’s for an extra price of 5,000 R$ and script for 5,000 R$ or for $17.50. These prices aren’t final so it’s negotiable.


Discord - Devinister#1083

Final Notes

I hope that you like my work. Thank you for reading my portfolio! More content on it coming very soon! Ask me anything in the comments! Also tell me if I missed anything on the portfolio.

2023 note - I’ve been hacked in the past but now I’m back to working on Roblox Commissions.


Made a great logo for me would recommend this guy!

Just give him what you want and he’ll get it done, even though I asked him to redo a couple of things he did it without question!


Quality with fair pricing. Defiantly recommend to anyone who needs some UI designed.


Make good banner for cheap. Would recommend :slight_smile:


Did you make the GFX on the left?

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$20 is cheap. I don’t know what you’re talking about


When you pay 150 robux for “high quality GFX”, 90% of the time the person who you are commisioning steals the GFX, or just uses stock photos as the background. Learn to pay people properly, and if you cannot pay 20 dollars, you wouldn’t be typing on a laptop right now. I have faced many people with an arrogant mindset like you during my GFX commission career and people like you make the lives of GFX designers hard. If you don’t want to commission him because of the prices, then just don’t. No need to complain about the prices if you can find a “150 robux high quality icon” elsewhere.


I’m not a big developer? Seems like you are supporting undervaluing.


2 things. Sure, quality could be a bit better for $20 and there are a lot of things that can be improved. But if you take the time and effort that goes into a design project and put it into value, it’d be a lot more expensive.

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I don’t know if you know but the more budget you have the better graphic designs you can afford. Prices aren’t about quality, they are also about how many commissions you get, how much time you invest in it and how popular you are.

You should not complain about someone else his prices because in first place, you are not him so you don’t know his reasons.
In second place, you should not bother someone else his prices since there are a lot of graphic designers who make the same quality art but have different pricing.

for example, you have I5k | 3D Artist/Graphic Designer I5K
and you have SoftGB | GFX Artist | OPEN softGB GFX

They make GFX at the same level but there is a price difference of 10k.
yet they still get a lot of commissions. Do you know the exact reason of why I5K gets commissions yet they still make the same quality art?


Hello to everyone reading this. I would like to let everyone know that I haven’t updated the portfolio/pricing/sheets in a while since I don’t get a lot of notice in the public and will update it this weekend. Have a good day.

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Hey Sinister,

What is the default pricing for your sci-fi user interface design? I’m not hiring and stuff right now, just looking for a good person to do these kind of things for a low cost.