[FOR HIRE] Road | GUI Designer

Hey there, my name is Roads. I’m a UI Designer on the platform with about 2 years of experience, and I have contributed to a total of 250M+ visits on this platform. As for scripting, I have been programming for a total of around 4 years. I prefer Anime-themed projects, and I am perfect with working in teams. I love working with past clients, and anyone in the future!

I do not script UI.

Some notable individuals I have worked for / with are; @AdaptKhoi, @VogueMama, @Eerous, @Toyota_86 , @Xeau


Studio 86

Project Doomsday

British Army

Squid Paradise


Abandoned Hopes

Project Northern

Military Customize Screen

Budokai Menu

For proof of scripting skill, please contact me and we can further discuss it. I am fine with doing a small task for you with creativity to prove I can script.

Scripting Skill; Lua, JavaScript.

  • I can script mainly back - end, but I always love to learn so I am fine with doing front - end commissions!

My schedule is very flexible and is influenced heavily by extra-corricular activies.

Weekdays; 6PM - 9PM
Weekends; 10AM - 3PM

I accept both :robux_gold: Robux and :moneybag: USD. I typically want 75-85k+ for a full game of UI, and I don’t do small commissions so you should be ordering a full game all the time. I import all of my UIs and scale them for all devices.

All my prices are negotiable, and subject to change. Ask me, and we can discuss.

Logos = $20+ USD

Client Information

I value your needs over mine throughout the commission, and I understand efficiency, speed, and quality are the most important aspects (along with communication). I assure that throughout the commission I will demonstrate all of these characteristics along with a strong work-ethic. I am willing to make changes, and I always want to try something new or go above and beyond. My examples are never my best, and there never will be a best example that I can post.

I can only be contacted through the ROBLOX Developer Forum, and Discord.

( If at any time my discord happens to be invalid, please contact me via DevForum messaging and I’ll send you the updated tag whenever I am available. Thank you. )

Road#1010, @roaddev


I really recommended hiring this UI designer. He’s very friendly, professional, and quick at making UI’s.


I highly recommended hiring this UI designer.
He created exactly what I wanted. He’s friendly, professional, and gets that job done quickly.


I recommend this guy, he is very talented UI designer.


Road is a good friend of mine, I highly recommend buying from him! His work is fairly cheap for the quality he provides.