Fortower Defense Devlog #2

Fortower Defense’s Future

Being a solo developer, I’ll have to be careful about making Fortower too big, so I made a plan.

Features Added

  • Sound Effects
  • Upgrades
  • Inspection Box
  • Gold
  • Enemy Improvements
  • More Effects


Upgrades in Fortower will change the color of buildings and add some functional features like stun, more damage, more range, etc.

End Screen

A very tempory end screen that will allow you to leave and see you rewards.

Game Loop

Fortower’s game loop is similar to Tower Defense Simulator. You start in a lobby, join games, earn rewards, and use those rewards for more buildings and cosmetics. However, I also want to avoid players grinding the same map for the most profit, so I’m designing a system that’ll support players who play on multiple levels.

Maps and Currency

The maps in Fortower won’t have a difficulty choice, because it’s often difficult to get everyone to agree on one and to know which is the best. Maps are instead separated into normal and challenging. There will also be two forms of currency each earned from both types of maps. The challenging currency will be required for expensive and advanced buildings.


Here, you can check out my Trello board.
Island Defenders | Trello


I’d gotta say this devlog is looking good! I like the end screen! It’s very well made! And I also like the new features added! I think sound effects would make the game even far better! Good job!