Fortower Defense Devlog #1

Season 2

What happened?

To keep it short, Fortower went from a impressive confusing 3D to a simpler 2D base defense. I had to start the game from scratch and rebuilt systems as classes. Narrowing my focus to the main goal of this journey to…

“A building defense game on a 2D grid”

After narrowing my idea, I found inspirations from:

  1. Clash of Clans
  2. Zombs io
  3. The Tower Defense Genre


Placing Buildings

In the old Fortower, you had bottom, top, and side blocks or wall, crossbow, and ladders. In Fortower Defense however, you don’t worry about different block types and this allows each block to have more mechanics than the old system. This was difficult at first to scrap as it was the launching idea for Fortower, but very satisfying in the end result.

Utilizing Classes

I must admit that Lua doesn’t do classes well as it is a dynamic language, so it took some time to figure out how and where to use metatables and so on.


Each building in Fortower Defense should stand out from each other visually and functionally.


A basic defense, good for holding up enemies. They also connect to one another


A single fire source of damage and will receive a status effect in the future.


When destroyed, the game ends. It also has a nice beam effect on dead towers at the end of each wave to revive them. When towers are destroyed, unlike the old Fortower, they stay inactive until the end of the wave which is a great feature as it is easier to build tension towards the end of a run.

Final Words

I wanted to keep the devlog short and plan to post more often. I also want to get out a public version of Fortower Defense ASAP so as to receive feedback from you all!



Looks pretty good so far. Can I see what you’ve planned to do in the future so far?


This looks really fun, I can’t wait to play! Amazing job!


For this devlog, I just wanted to explain what Fortower is in as few words a possible. But sure! I will in the next one.

I gotta say that this is looking good! Can’t wait to see what’s next!