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:coffee: Frappé - Senior Barista + Head Barista Promotion Guide

:memo: This guide will explain what to do and not to do as a Senior Barista so that you can achieve the Head Barista and Staff Assistant positions within Frappé.

:warning: Please keep in mind that this guide only offers some suggestions regarding some of the things to do and doesn’t include everything that you should or shouldn’t be doing as a Senior Barista, so you will need to use common sense as well.

:warning: Please also note that the maximum rank limit of Head Barista is unlimited and Staff Assistant is 35 at the time of writing.

:white_check_mark: The Positives: (Do these!)

Work hard at the cafe! - Head Barista is not a rank you are able to train for, therefore you will need to be active at the cafe and wait to be noticed by an Administration Team+. Our HRs are always on the look out for new people to join our MR team!

Have consistent activity! - Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to work for ridiculous hours everyday. We would much prefer if you are in-game for approximately 1-2 hours a day, and stay consistent with it, rather than working for 12 hours one day, and then not showing for the rest of the week.

Show important traits and qualities! - The main characteristics we look for within potential admin candidates are maturity, helpfulness, leadership skills, and professionalism. If you are able to demonstrate these whilst at the cafe, you are well on your way!

Stay dedicated - It is important that you don’t compare yourselves to other baristas. Competition is quite high at Frappé; just because your friend may have been promoted in a certain amount of time, doesn’t guarantee that your journey will be the same. However, just keep on trying and don’t give up and you will get there!

Be helpful when reporting people - Try your best to remember the troller’s username. This way, we’re able to quickly check chatlogs and ban the person if necessary. If you are able to send proof through Discord as well, this is always really helpful.

It is required that you are verified in the Frappé Discord server, and have safechat disabled - Unfortunately if you do not meet this requirement, you won’t be considered for a promotion.

:x: The Negatives: (Avoid these!)

Attention-seeking - One of the worst things you can do is seek for attention from admins, or hint towards a promotion. If you want the promotion, you have to work for it!

Giving trollers too many warnings - You shouldn’t be giving out too many warnings to trollers. Instead you should report them to an MR/HR after warning them once, depending on the severity of the situation. For exploiters, they need to be reported immediately to an admin; no warnings at all!

Consistant inactivity - You want to avoid being inactive or inconsistently active if you can help it. The more frequent and more consistent your activity, the better your chances are of getting promoted.

Impersonating/acting like an MR - You should also not pretend to be an MR, both as a Senior Barista and Head Barista, or try to “impersonate” us. This includes pretending to check any logs that you do not have access to, standing around the cafe and supervising when there are registers open/admins already supervising, etc.

:white_check_mark: Now onto Head Baristas… (The Positives!)

Continue to follow the current guidelines - Congratulations on making it to Head Barista, you have clearly made a good impression so far! However, make sure you carry on following the guidelines above for what to do/not to do as a Senior Barista as it still applies to you.

Keep on going! - Just because you’re now a Head Barista, doesn’t guarantee you a promotion to Staff Assistant. Make sure you’re still being active at the cafe, showing off your skills, and just being yourself! There will be other hard working Head Baristas, so it’s important to make yourself stand out to our high ranks and show off your unique characteristics!

Grammar and punctuality - Despite grammar not being required, your sentences must be legible and your spelling may be judged more harshly than other LR ranks due to you being in the running for an admin rank.

Kick command - As a Head Barista, you will receive the !kick command. You can only use this when admins aren’t present, to remove trollers from the server. You could also request for admins at the cafe, via the ticket system in our Discord server.

:white_check_mark: We hope that this guide has helped you feel more confident in how to get promoted to one of the most prestigious admin ranks within the cafe industry. Once again, this is a rough guide to getting promoted to HB and SA and does not include everything. If you still have further questions on this topic, you are more than welcome to contact any Chief Staff Officer or above for further assistance. We wish you the best of luck on your journey here at Frappé and hope to see you as an admin soon! Just remember, never give up - you can do it!

:page_facing_up: Approved and Written by Frappé HRs.
:date: Last Updated August 9th, 2022.