Freaky Invisible Parts Blocking Up Passages

In the game, there is a sequence where the player drops down into a vent. However, something is in the way.
I have confirmed that this is not an invisible part; this blockage is not locked and not visible in workspace.
After reading the devforum, it seems as this is a possible case of a corrupt union, however I have no idea how to remove or fix it. Any help is appreciated

Above is what the player experiences while hopping into the vent

Sounds like solid modeling behaving as it does for concave volumes. Try disabling its collisions and adding invisible bricks in the places where it should collide, like an invisible hitbox.

Im sorry, but what does this mean?

When you use solid modeling (unions) it’s trying its best to make accurate collision fidelity, but often times on convex volumes (yours being a hollow room looks like) the collisions end up feeling like they’re bridging the gap over the volume.

Set the union’s CanCollide to false, then recreate the hitbox of it using regular anchored bricks (say for that room, its floors, walls and ceiling). The hitbox meaning the surfaces you want the player to not pass through, things that would make sense you’d hit. Then just all of those parts’ Transparency to 1 to make them invisible. Done precise enough the player won’t tell they’re not touching the real model.

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