[Free] Cetus: Group automation service

Cetus is now entering a sunset phase as we prepare to wind down operations. We are no longer accepting new sign-ups.


Cetus is a group automation service designed to help make your group easier to manage.
It bears some resemblance to “group ranking services” but with vastly more capabilities and features.

With our free tier, we are one of a kind: No other service offers such a generous free tier.

With Cetus, you can finally get that group promotion centre or in-game group management admin that you’ve always dreamed of - and learn our service with no cost.

Who are we?

Cetus is being developed by myself and EirikFA. We’re experienced Roblox API developers with several years of experience in both using the Roblox API and maintaining the open source libraries many users depend on. We’ve decided to put that knowledge to use: Creating Cetus!

Why use us?

You may be wondering why Cetus? What’s the advantage of us over our competitors?

  • We use real, enterprise grade server technology. A lot of other services that are similar host on Glitch.com - violating their terms of service and providing a shoddy service.
  • We are the only service of our kind to have a web dashboard.
  • We’re experienced with utilizing the Roblox API

A common concern is security. We implement strong, enterprise grade security measures including hashing, encryption and more to ensure the security of your data and groups (and more behind the scenes) and have a bug bounty program in place.


We have a number of features, and we’re currently working on more. We’d love to hear from you on what you need!
One of the main uses of our service is to create “Group promotion centres” - We have premade ones, or you can create your own.

API Access and keys

You can connect your Roblox to your service and take advantage of our hosting and bot deploy system to manage your group from in-game (Using our Lua SDK).
At the moment, you can:

  • Rank users
  • Exile users
  • Send group shouts

And we have a view to add more functions shortly.

Web dashboard

We provide a powerful React dashboard which allows you to manage your groups, integrations and API keys and more with ease.
Check it out

Pre-made games

We’ve built several pre-made games and integrations such as a group promotion centre and an in-game admin, which allows you to rank and exile users, and post shouts etc. from ingame using commands.

Discord bot

We have a discord bot which currently supports standard verification features in addition to group management features: Meaning you can rank, exile and send group shouts from your Discord server.
We use the Aquarius verification database, used by many other bots including Polaris.

Group defender

Good group management is an essential aspect of preventing admin abuse against your group, however it cannot stop every attack. Sometimes completely trust-able users turn on you, or have their account breached.
That’s why we’ve created Group defender. Group defender makes use of unique technology to detect, prevent and revert admin abuse attack against your groups.

How does it work?

You set up the integration, rank our automation account and then set a number of parameters.
These determine the maximum number of requests a user can make, like a rate limit. If this is exceeded, our system will demote them to a rank you specify and revert their abuse* - allowing your group to continue on as normal.
When this happens, you’ll receive an email and optionally, a discord web-hook notification.

* Currently, our system can only revert rank change abuse.

Pricing - Reduced

Our free tier is more than sufficient for most smaller groups, and allows you to “try before you buy”.
Our prices are billed monthly via. our payment provider, Stripe. They may be reviewed over time.
We have also reduced our prices.

  • API Access (Pro): £3
  • Group defender: £3
  • Discord bot: £3


We’re available most of the time and have a support team on hand ready to help you with any issues.
We also provide guidance on how to use our API, and if need be we can help you set up your games to use it!


Note: For security, only group owners can enable our service on their group.

More images

Group screen

Groups menu

Group defender images

defender web-hook

ingame integrations



Bump, used neztore’s services before very reliable and very quick servers. I can recommend

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Just wondering, why should I choose the API of Cetus over the completely free and unlimited RocketApps bot API which also lets my use my own custom bot account?

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We use our own bot accounts as this allows us to more tightly secure them and ensure uptime - where with a user selected bot, tokens can sometimes expire causing downtime.

We also have other integrations such as Group defender, which can prevent group admin abuse. No other services have this feature.
Our services are limited so that we can ensure that users on our paid tier (Still only £3 pm) can have near-perfect uptime and a fast service.

I think your security argument is inherently flawed, the user does not have direct control over their bot accounts, nor do they have the access to customize the avatar of said bot. RocketApps has had 99.99% uptime since we released, so I don’t see how your uptime argument is valid either.

Your group defender is implemented in a lot of places, you’re not the first people to do it. For instance, we log every bot action for the exact purpose of undoing abuse. Our bots also work in real-time.

And, I only responded due to my service being mentioned.


What wrapper does this use for logging the audit logs?

None - We interact directly with the Roblox API using our own codebase. This allows us to have greater control over error handling and the like, ensuring better service.

Seems cool, but the limits you put are quite low. There are other free services like Hyra which give you 500 per day.

I agree and disagree. Setting your own cookie can be good, and can be bad. Secondly, Group defender prevents admin abuse at the start and automatically demotes the abuser(s). While logging actions is great, I feel that immediate action is much better.

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Why should we pay to use the group-defender instead of self hosting it?

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Hello there,
I have an open source version available on my Github, however I wrote it some time ago - This means it is less stable, less reliable and has less features.

Our Group defender integration has many features for notification, is resilient when errors are encountered and usually works out cheaper than self hosting (and it also means you get guaranteed uptime and all of the difficult setup that normally takes time - is done for you).

The open source version I created also does not support automatically reverting the changes (and as far as I’m aware - none do, but I could be wrong here)

Will you be considering open sourcing the project to allow users to have a higher rate limit without paying for the service.

I see, maybe try reducing the prices for that.

Secondly, you rate limiting is also a problem. If someone were to pay for your service, would they have the same rate limits?

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We are not considering open sourcing it at this time. We already maintain open source libraries that perform similar functionality.
Users have two options: Pay for our service and receive support, quality service and guaranteed uptime and security.
Or self host, which requires some technical knowledge, a server and has no guarantees. These systems require maintenance for security updates and API changes - all of this is provided if you use our service.

Hi, rate limits only apply to free groups. There is no request limit for pro groups.

i am wondering why and the world would there be limits on the site on to how many times a bot can rank people a month when i can you Rocket Apps and not have a limit on Rocket Apps?
we should have acess to the bot so when the bot is created we can change it’s avatar (to look a bit more real)
Also your breaking TOS:RULE BREAKER

Hi, we aren’t.

Any assets on Roblox are free. You can find them on our Github.