Free helpful softwares and tools for all developers!

Well, in my personal experience it is pretty helpful and I really like it. You can use it if you want…or not :man_shrugging:

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GFXComet is a great place for getting assets for GFX, logo design, and UI design.

Shotcut is probably the second-best FOSS video editor, after Kdenlive. Some prefer it because it’s a lot faster than Kdenlive.

Lua-minify, is an amazing Lua beautifier that actually works. There’s a Studio plugin for it.

Here’s a Scoop bucket for most of the popular Roblox development tools. What’s a Scoop bucket? A Scoop bucket basically adds a colleciton of programs to the Windows package manager “Scoop”. If you are using the Scoop Viewer, it provides a one-click install for all the top Roblox development tools such as Rojo, Roblox FPS Unlocker, roPresnece (a Roblox Discord Rich Presnece), and rbxlx-to-rojo.

AeroGameFramework is probably one of the most popular Roblox game frameworks out there.

Knit is another Roblox framework created by the same developer of AeroGameFramework, it was created in an attempt to solve the issues of AeroGameFramework. Knit is not that stable yet.

EasyNetwork is a great tool that advanced Roblox scripters should look into.

Here is a list of Roblox tools which you can use with Rojo, and benefits of using Rojo. I highly recommend that you read this if you are interested in offsite tooling like Rojo.

Studio Bridge is the only Rojo alternative still in development. Rojo is a lot better, but if you want something simpler or something written in JavaScript, Studio Bridge is probably your only option. For most people, I would recommend Rojo.


Thank you so much for this recomendations! GFX comet isn’t free and that’s why I didn’t add it to the list, but I’m going to check out everything else. Ty!

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Yeah, but it has some nice free stuff.


I’ll suggest Shotcut. Shotcut is a free video editor program, it’s a bit difficult, but it’s fast and it has many effects to add. Shotcut link


I would add Photoscape X to this list, literaly you can just make professional 2D images (like gui buttons and such) in minuites!


With their premade effects and filters (such as drop shadows, long shadows, etc.)




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Awesome! A lot of really helpful tools! Good job! :smile:


The video editor by BlackMagic, DaVinci Resolve has a free version if you’re willing to sacrifice hardware acceleration, 4k 60fps limit and some other banging features (

For sound editing and DAWs, you can use Reaper’s trial version, which has no limitations, for all of eternity…if you can handle waiting 5 seconds every time you open the software.

For compositing, you can use DaVinci Fusion which is included with DaVinci Resolve, instead of Adobe AfterEffects.



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For audio I also recommend the free trial of FL studio, you cant load saved projects, but you can get past that by either just not closing the app, get it done in one go, or send it to another person with the paid version, let them save it, then send it back, will work fine. Somewhat hard to get into though, and really cheap if you want to start off, starts at $99 USD, and then 200$ USD for the cool version.



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I created a website called RoStats which provides stats on Roblox Developers that can help you determine if they are safe and reputable. We just hit 600 sign ups!



Just to update you that Strofe are adding a subscription soon meaning Stofe will no-longer be free.

Edit: this has changed.


Could you give me your source or a picture of the announcement? I do not see anything related to that on their Discord nor on the Forum post

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They are talking about it in their Discord right now.

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Yea, I see, but until they made it official the resource still free. Thanks for the info anyways!

I use for off-site coding (doesn’t have roblox services but if I need to test stuff off-site repl is what I would use.)