Freecam Module - An easy way to make Freecam to your game

Freecam Module

this is my first module.
NOTE: This is just a copy with Roblox Freecam Script (With some changes)

This module is not:

  • Mobile compatible
  • Zoomable

Why I should use this?
Well, It’s used for spectating. For you to make spectate system.

Rbxm files: FreecamModule.rbxm (5.3 KB)

put this on ReplicatedStorage and you’re done!

How to use:

local freecam = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.FreecamModule)

freecam:EnableFreecam() -- For enabling
freecam:StopFreecam() -- For stopping the freecam

Coolio, always nice to have these for those devs who don’t know how to fork roblox scripts and modules.

Thank you! I’ll maybe try to make this module more customizable.

Yeah, would be cool to add like collisions to the camera so players can only spectate places where they can access?

I will try to implement that! Thank you!

This is really awesome, thanks for sharing!

Do you plan on adding support for mobile/touch devices too?

what are the changes you made to the freecam script?
Because I don’t see any changes.

This is awesome! Thanks! :grinning: Keep up the good work!

working on it, delayed due to school and commissions. be patient


Does this have to be run by the client or can I use it server side?

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