Friday Update 5 is out! (and a word on Friday Update 6)

Hello again! Another late-in-the-day release, since I’m still working on tons of stuff, but Blox is coming along nicely - I suspect after the next Friday Update, we’ll be on the last leg before release! That does unfortunately mean early access and the Friday Updates could be coming to an end soon… but we’re getting ahead of ourselves!

This update is again mostly behind-the-scenes stuff, but you get some new stuff to play with as a result! I’ve been working extra hard on the upcoming entity system, and the new chat command system is working right now - more commands to come, of course :sparkles:

As per usual, all these updates are live right now - click here to open the Blox game page!

Quick note on Friday Update 6 - no guarantees that it’ll be coming next week, since I’m going to be working on a lot of stuff to do with the entity system and also with touch controls. When it does land tho, expect to see a lot of cool things, including tablet support, revamped players and possibly even block breaking particles! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, here’s the changelog from the Blox Wiki:


  • Added a block pick function, which was accessible using the middle mouse button on any block.
  • Introduced a new chat command framework; commands could now be invoked by starting a chat message with a forward slash ‘/’, followed by a command name and optional parameters.
  • Added the /help command, which would list all of the available commands for that server, with a brief description of each. With an optional second command parameter, you could also get specific usage details for any given command.
  • Added the /seed command, which would output the current world seed to the chat log. This seed would have been used while generating the world to initialise the terrain generator to a specific state, allowing for reproduction of worlds.
  • Fixed a visual bug with slabs, where the bottom face of a slab would render incorrectly if another slab was underneath.
  • World downloading and rendering would now start as soon as possible, rather than waiting for the introduction sequence to finish. This made the initial loading stage finish more quickly.
  • Rewrote the implementation of both server and client worlds to derive from a shared world class. This enabled client worlds to access a larger range of helper functions, and enabled client worlds to be initialised without invoking a loading process.


  • Some blocks, such as Saplings, could be placed unsupported (e.g. in mid air). They would still decay after being randomly ticked.
  • Attempting to place a block while facing directly upwards can fail.
  • Touching the game world on a touch enabled device would always break the block you were looking at, even when dragging to look around, and placing blocks was impossible.
  • The dynamic thumbstick and jump button overlapped some in game UI.

Of course, make sure to leave your feedback, bug reports and suggestions! I make sure to read all of them, and reply to as many as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

Read the last announcement post here.


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