What are you working on currently? (2019)

6a467800231079475f04ec84022abf4b Map progression with @ corymegatron going nicely for Derelict Seas.


Various hand painted models for Assassin


You should make a Columbia as well :slight_smile:


Another island for Derelict Seas


Working on some exciting stuff :eyes:


Today, I released the fifth Friday Update for Blox. With it is one oft-requested feature: block picking! It’s pretty smart: it will switch to the slot with that block in, if you already have it on your hotbar - otherwise, it’ll replace the currently selected slot. This keeps your hotbar nice and tidy!

For blocks like double slabs and grass, I can also override the block that ends up in your hotbar. For example, when you block-pick grass, you’ll get dirt, and if you block-pick a double slab, you get a regular slab.

There’s also commands, which are pretty nifty - but I’ve yet to add more:


Making up for my prior absences with a double post :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m refining my icon style, so I made some test icons in Figma for a bunch of instances! What do you think? :sparkles:


Created a water erosion simulation to make my terrain generation look more realistic.

Here’s a timelapse of it, about 10,000 erosion iterations per frame.

Each iteration a water “droplet” spawns in a random location and travels downwards, gradually picking up sediment on the way. Each water droplet has a limited amount of sediment it can carry, based on the size of the droplet. Droplets slowly evaporate as they travel, depositing the sediment they were carrying as they lose the size to carry it. This leads to lower areas filling in with dirt, and upper areas forming crevices dug by the water.

Some before and after pics





Inspired by this video Coding Adventure: Hydraulic Erosion - YouTube, though the algorithm is of my own.


This inspired me to play around with some terrain generation - no erosion simulation, but a fair bit of noise was involved;


What is the performance cost for something like this? Does it scale?

Wow they look amazing! Keep up the work!

Love how the water is actually scripted and moves!


Posting some things released in my game Discord. Nothing important yet but ready to show off the graphics.


Edit: There is a serious performance problem with the new version that appears with lots of TODO marks (>50 or so) and in Play Solo. It has been reverted for now.

Got the first release of my plugin framework almost complete. Compared to the unreleased version, improvements include:

  • User input actually works
  • Colors properly change when the Studio theme changes
  • Qt5-based scroll bars are now implemented

Still need to fix some performance problems before I can fully release it. I have updated my To Do List plugin as a demo.

Pictures from Twitter:


There’s no performance loss regardless of how many objects I have. I only update 10 sound objects per heartbeat, prioritized by resorting the queue based on distance to your camera. Each floodfill iteration/update only takes 0.00003 seconds as it’s also made with a queue(I only search one set of open adjacent cells from a parent cell every update, and push it to the queue if it’s found to be traversible)


Made it so if you have a “prop”, such as ice cream, you can hide it or interact with it. I just have to improve and work on the animations for it for some more.

I have just publicly announced test stage of “Rox Project” a blockchain platform developed right on :roblox: Roblox :roblox:
There were requests from some individuals to make Robux a cryptocoin. I do not think it is necessary, through cryptocurrency can be developed using Roblox. On the Internet you can even find a bitcoin miner written for fun in Roblox. Nobody uses CPUs for mining bitcoins anymore… but… mining is possible! So, I started such a project, too :slight_smile: I call it “Blockchain for kids and adults who are not good at computers” because a part of the project will be an educational game. But, even though, this blockchain is made in gaming environment, “Rox Project” is real blockchain with its cryptocurrency called Rox, we can issue tokens in exchange for investments and there are plans for smart-contracts as well! Anyway… I can talk for hours about the project I am working on :cowboy_hat_face: Here you can read more:


There are a few inherent problems with a Roblox based cryptocurrency.
One of the big ones is that there is nothing in it for Developers, lots of teams are developing to feed themselves or live their lives. Rox doesn’t offer a -Crytpto to Spendable Common Money- option. Aside from that, due to the very nature of it, Roblox can’t turn a profit off of it, and by extension would lose money and suffer as a consequence in the proposed implementation method. Until both issues are resolved, adoption rate will be low to none. If you’d like to continue this discussion, feel free to reach out.


Recently added random moving trains to my showcase, where a random train passes every x amount of time! Coded by @Space_Baa


Rox doesn’t offer a -Crytpto to Spendable Common Money- option.

Of course it does, just like any cryptocurrency. Since we are just at the start, the market demand is to be developed still. The higher demand the prices are higher. If I myself will start buying Rox from those who mined it, the need will artificially rise, and fall to zero, when will stop spending money. So, I am hoping for the natural development of the demand. Remember how bitcoin started? A few companies started offering services for bitcoins, mainly hostings, later some physical goods were bought for bitcoins. Rox is no different to any other cryptocurrency. If Roblox cannot get some cut from Rox transfers, that is good, it makes Rox independent from the platform where it is being developed. And that is another point to the Project.