"Friend Activities" should be an Icon, Not replacing the game CCU

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to …
See the CCU and Like Ratio of games with Friend Activities.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because …
I will be able to know what game are popular without having to click on them.
I talked to a lot of other devs and they all agree that its a big Mistake to hide the stats.


There are various ideas on what’s best to do here, maybe an icon overlaying the games icon would be good. :person_shrugging:

I’ll refer to my post/s on similar feature requests, maybe you are unaware of the other posts on this:


Agreed. It is annoying to see the friend activity over the games stats. Especially since the icon shows even when my friend has barely played the game.


Roblox seems to be having a bit of trouble determining what to do with friend activity. There’s been a whole sort then merging experiences into your home page sorts while displaying a friend activity banner and now the CCU and ratings are just outright removed.

Honestly the sort was the best option they’ve put out in regards to recommending what friends are playing to you. It was clear and distinct and you didn’t lose any other stats or sorts for it. My only issue was that they kept placing experiences on the sort for friends who have following set to none.

Not a fan of any of these other attempts. Too much clutter and information loss.


I explained their possible viewpoint on the idea of adding this in favor of hiding the stats. It’s just all opinion and speculation, and whether or not you agree is up to you. Figured I’d drop it here in case anyone was interested.


(the post linked wasn’t the only one I made, and scrolling further down the thread helps clear what I was thinking)

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