Frizzy Franchise - Main HandBook

:coffee: Welcome to Frizzy!

:link: [Frizzy - Roblox ]( Frizzy Franchise - Roblox)

:blue_book: About Us:
We are one of the many virtual cafe companies on the Roblox platform, and have been for over a few weeks . Lots of effort is put into Frizzy every day, from the baristas who prepare your drink to the executives who help manage the company on a day-to-day basis. Each and every day we strive to be successful and to make your Frizzy experience truly remarkable so you can meet new people, drink our coffee, and roleplay as a barista. We have worked to accomplish a lasting positive impression on our customers and staff!

:star: This handbook contains all of the essential information that Frizzy customers and staff alike will need to know so your time with us is as pleasant as possible!


Listed below is a range of documents, both for customers and staff, that is recommended that you all read. They contain the basic rules that are needed to be followed and met at all Frizzy games!

:pushpin: General Links:

:man_in_tuxedo: Staff Links:

Training Guide: Frizzy Training Guide

Interview Guide: Frizzy Interview guide


:tada: We hope that this new handbook has helped you understand more about how things work at Frizzy! If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything listed in any of these documents, do not hesitate to speak to any of our friendly staff!

:wave: We hope to see you at our games very soon!