Galactic Low Poly Map

Hey there! Recently I have done my FIRST low poly map ! With an appearance of a commission, here is my second low-poly map ever! This one themed to be “Galaxy & Space”.

Images below :


Let me know what do you think below. Hope you have a great day / night!

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This is really cool! the lighting and colour palette work really well together to create a cooperative and flowy scene. Pure eyecandy.


Tons of people think low poly just means shiny, smooth plastic,low detailed
some people think it means if its “Low poly” then you can just put no effort into it at all and then say its low poly, but this…
this is different.


OMG this look so freaking nice I really love it

Pretty impressive I must say, the colors also look very good with each other.

I could see roblox using this kind of a map in their events!

Looks great! I really love the colours they go together well.

Thank you so much! I believe this is my best map so far to be honest…

This map really gives off a cool space vibe and I think you did a really good job at hitting the theme!
May I humbly suggest that you might want to add a black hole (with accretion disk and quasars) to make it look even more out-of-this-world?

Like this:

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I thought of that actually haha! But the sky is extremely full already :sweat_smile:

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Haha it’s okay, that was just a suggestion.

Honestly, having gotten into Low Poly like literally 2 weeks ago, I believe it’s all about the color scheme and artistic vision you possess as well as how well can you balance your map with Roblox lightning & fitting skybox. Particle effects also help a whole ton!

Low Poly maps can be an amazing piece of art! Thanks for your feedback.

How much is your typical commission? Your maps are so amazing and beautiful, you’re very talented!