Low Poly Fantasy Map | FIRST Low Poly build!

:wave: Howdy developers! It’s been a while since I posted here on the forums. Been on a break ever since I achieved my goal to DevEx, but recently took on a new commission, which involved making my FIRST low poly map! Not having done it ever before, being a noob at blender, I’d like to see what do you think of it!

Images below :

Let me know what do you think in the comments below! Is this good for a beginner 3D modeller & low poly map builder? What do you like about this build? Have a great day everyone! :wave:


Absolutely wonderful! You should definitely post a game so people could check it out! This build is wonderful and I wish I could build low poly the same as you do. You did an excellent job at making this. Pretty much everything feels like it works together and the builds have one theme - fantasy. The only thing I really have to critique on is the arrows on the paths throughout the map. It kind of just looks like it doesn’t fit in, it may work though depending on what game your planning to make (ie. an adventure game but even then you should make it so the arrows are pointing from the character and use a particle emitter to do so)

Overall great work! I do hope to see this build one day :smiley:


This is amazing! I can’t believe that this is your first build. Keep up the amazing work!


teach me your ways!! i am also a low poly builder ( never said i was good :laughing: ). never and could never make anything like that in my life, keep up the good work. if i were you, i would definitely do commissions.

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very nice you did well and with the gradients ands tuff

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It looks so pretty! All the colors look so nice together, and the glowing stars are probably my favorite part of this map!

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Thanks for this amazing feedback! Honestly right when I thought I was done, the arrows idea came up in my mind. Even though it was already pretty obvious where the players need to go haha!

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Well this is my first Low Poly blender build, but definitely not my first build. I have a little over 2 years of experience with Roblox Studio building in general, so what I believe is that in any new art field you are getting into, if you already have a base of an artistic vision I suppose you can get the hang of it easily.

One thing I learned from doing my first low poly map here is that a color scheme is very important, and gradients really really help at improving the overall look of the map as well as proper use of lightning. You can do just as good if not better man! :100:


Thanks! First low poly build! I’ve been building for quite a while now.


Looks amazing! Keep up the good work :grin: