Low poly Islands map!

:wave: Howdy! I’m yet to show the community another low poly build of mine, this one was a commission with the request of ‘Floating Islands/tropical’!

Images Below

This took a total of 3 days of work! 99% Blender usage (with the exception of the water part with the free texture as the base water)

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Have a good day / night and thank you for your time! :hammer_and_pick:


nice build, only thing is the default lighting could be better but that is a great low poly map

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Hmmm, I’m open to any suggestions regarding to lightning, I wouldn’t add DoF and stuff because that kinda ruins it.

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Wow, your post formatting is really good. :grin:


  1. Add hills and more foliage on the palm tree islands.

  2. Change the color of the text on the sign to make it fit more with the theme.

  3. Add a light layer of white foam on the water.

  4. The sea monster could use more facial features and little suction cup things on the tentacles.

  5. I know you don’t like this, but try upping the saturation of the lighting a little bit.

  6. Have the grey background mountains surround the entire build so you don’t have some space looking into the void.

  7. The portals could become larger, have some steps/fancy decoration surrounding it, and maybe have a little sign telling you where it leads.


yeah true lol some sky boxes have good reflections and good lighting comes with it but its low poly so not many reflections anyways lol

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I’ve thought of all those but I tried to keep it simple lolol, plus had to get this done quick. Those are some really great suggestions, would really add more to the map! Thanks bro