Game Update Notification Analytics


I think it is great that you are implementing more statistics for developers, numbers are great. But do you want to know another thing that I think would be great? Illustrations, in this case for example graphs.

Example (Click here)

Graphs like this would enable you to see when your “game update” was most popular in a certain time period. Perhaps it could show statistics according to age as well? In that way developers could see if they need to reformulate their game updates to better fit the target audience (i.e. if the target audience is from the age of 6 to the age of 12, then you would want to simplify the message as much as possible for them to understand it).


I agree with you graphs will be even better to see which update was the best indeed


This seems like a good step in the right direction for statistics, but like @Rawbyte suggested there should be more ways to view your statistics. Is there any chance we will be able to view the amount of people currently following the game (and a graph to display along with it)


Could we get analytics like this for sponsors/advertisements now? Specifically the play rate


This is great! Two big questions @Seranok:

First, will we see game update notifcations added as an option to mobile/desktop push notifications?

Second, being able to see the play rate was a crucial addition to update notifications. Will we ever have access to this stat for ads and sponsorships, rather than just the click-through rate?



Many of you have brought up various feature requests:

  • Seeing information about how many players are following your game
  • Receiving game updates as push notifications
  • Sending updates more frequently than once a week
  • Providing A/B testing functionality as part of sending game updates

We have no immediate plans to do any of these things but feel free to file a feature request to gather support for your idea.

We will fix this.


I think this is one of my first ideas to actually get implemented on the site. Thanks for listening, Roblox. We really needed this update!