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About the Web Features category (1)
Specifying group place access to specific roles (2)
Game Merchandise Sales Integration (18)
More group role slots (15)
Add DevEx Button Under Robux Dropdown (15)
Roblox Botting Epidemic - How Being a New Developer Just Got Harder (1)
Add a way to mass-report accounts (6)
Add Funds To Group Without Tax ( 2 ) (22)
Differentiate users who are deleted from users with hidden inventories in inventory API (4)
Change to Game Icon Information (3)
Still able to view a specific player's Meshes, Decals, Models and Plugins even though inventory is hidden (1)
Party System should be brought back (8)
Ability to re-arrange the order in which badges are displayed (3)
Roleset Permissions API (5)
Group Game Conversion Revenue Stat (1)
Game Details Page Traffic Source Stats (3)
Game description for each language (7)
Solution to Eliminate Bots in Groups and Game Asset Comments (9)
Option To Allow Only Group Members Access To Social Links (1)
New Group Social Links Don't Allow Discord In The Title (10)
Expand and Bring back the Endorsed Models Program (3)
Delete all wall posts from a User that has left the group (7)
Resetting likes/dislikes or displaying only recent ratings ( 2 ) (27)
Players who haven't bought access to a paid access game can rate it (9)
Remove "Show unavailable items" From Library (6)
Hide inventory on profile (3)
Reimbursement on sponsors and advertisements when the website goes down (16)
Only Allow Ratings From People Who Owns The Game ( 2 ) (28)
Have users insert their account PIN code before sending a trade (14)
Reverse the feed update (short-term) and remove the feed feature (long-term) (3)