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About the Web Features category (1)
Notifications for Accessories (3)
Face asset pages should have a 3d preview button (1)
Moderation should communicate more meaningfully and take dates into account ( 2 ) (30)
Add "blank" Rthro bundles that support clothing (5)
Improve GDPR Messages ( 2 3 ) (55)
Remove the "Popular Near You" sort (3)
Ability to mark News as read (3)
Allow More Frequent Game Updates (8)
Every username is taken ( 2 ) (31)
Remove plugin comments altogether or optional remove setting (4)
Still able to view a specific player's Meshes, Decals, Models and Plugins even though inventory is hidden (8)
Develop tab & Catalog dropdowns (2)
White Strips on Game Thumbnail + Dark Theme (3)
Settings Page should only request Account PIN when changes are made (3)
Removal of Builders Club Exclusive items (3)
Revert the new website font ( 2 ) (37)
Remove unnecessary text on Store page for games that sell no passes/gears (4)
Remove "Free" label in Library and show that information more compactly (3)
Add “Redeem” button on sidebar linking to toy/promo code redeem page (3)
Ability to choose what age group(s) an advertisement/sponsored game is displayed to (3)
Customizing Limiteds (6)
Not Interested Button for Recommended Games (3)
Custom tags for catalog items and games (9)
Ability to regulate/turn off incoming Friend Requests (17)
Hide Past Usernames On Profile (1)
Give us data on purchases that did not go through (5)
Providing Player Support as a Roblox Developer (6)
Roblox Crowdfunding System (5)
Group Wall Filter System (5)