Game update page + Subscribe to game updates



My only question is why did you post that here…


It got merged over from another thread


^he got it


Would be nice if Discourse had a feature or something in-place that lets you know if something is merged. Lol.


There could also be little symbols accompanying the alert, like a white exclamation mark surrounded by a red background when the update is big (to really catch the player’s attention). Developers could choose the “largeness” of the update! :smiley:


So something like how in semantic versioning you have a Patch, Minor, and Major? I’d be all for different tiers to provide more attention to larger ones and less attention to smaller ones.


I don’t know what semantic versioning is, but yeah, basically different levels of “hugeness”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey all, this has been a feature for quite a while on my fabrick extension, already a few big developers have been using it to update users.

Right now I feel the changelog area is not easily accessible on the site for developers, Im looking at a better way of accessing it.

Not only do the updates display on a feed, it also will send users chrome notifications anytime a changelog is posted.


I absolutely love this idea and find it essential to be implemented by the end of the first quarter in 2018.


Hmm let’s see how many people have liked this post

Oh wow that’s a l- wait

my goodness


This has nearly 500 likes right now! Has this been implemented, is it being worked on, what’s happening to this feature request?


As of now, they haven’t responded to this feature request nor have they shown any signs of it being in development.

I’m actually quite surprised that this hasn’t already been implemented by now considering the feature was requested months ago.


What will it take for Roblox to officially address this the most liked dev forum post ever created?

If memes are so critical to be addressed asap, why not this?


Actions of the moderation / devrel teams do not influence time management of the engineering teams. The meme announcement thread is not relevant to engineering.


I realized that post facto, but still stand by that the developers in this community deserve to have a statement about Roblox’s stance on this idea / or an idea similar to it which gets the job done. In the moment that seemingly silly (although after seeing some other threads, looked like it was necessary) it was frustrating to see this thread, with hundreds of likes, months old, getting no visible staff attention for that entire time.


Not entirely true. A major responsibility of devrel is to request and prioritize features to engineering on behalf of the developer community.

Some official acknowledgement of this thread, which is by far the most requested feature from the developer community of all time, is a reasonable request.


Yes, of course devrel is the link between developers and engineering, and this thread should receive a response, this much is obvious. Please see the specific sentence I was referring to combined with the knowledge that a certain thread in public announcements blew up a few minutes ago. My point being: the link between these is irrelevant.


Hey everybody,

It’s great to see all the enthusiasm about this idea!

We read and carefully evaluate every feature request you make but we do not necessarily reply. Rest assured we are paying a lot of attention to what you want!

For this particular request, we are strongly considering it. We will keep you posted.


Thank you for the visible attention. I (and probably many others) will rest assured that this is being strongly considered now.


It would be such an amazing update if Roblox added it. :slight_smile: