Gameknight | Programmer for Hire!

Commission Status: Closed :red_circle:

Last Updated: 10/9/2021

About Me —

Hi! My name is Gameknight and I am an indie game developer that likes to make games as a hobby! I am able to 3d model, compose basic songs, and animate characters! Although I am able to work in many areas, my favorite and most skilled area is programming/scripting! I have created a few open-source plugins and recourses for the community to use and have been scripting in Luau for more than 2 years now! I also specialize in VR Development!

Showcase —


VR Wizards 🧙 - Roblox
The World of RPG (In Development) - Roblox
Virus Simulation (Learn & Explore) - Roblox (Just a Simulation NOT A SIMULATOR!)
🥧Pi Calculator (Learn & Explore)🥧 - Roblox

Other Projects

I’ve created many projects and systems for fun!


Custom Fonts Plugin
Typewriter Module

\/ \/ \/ Some Admin Commands I Created \/ \/ \/
Gameknight Admin Commands


Roblox Rendering Engine (Toaster)

\/ \/ Machine Learning Pathfinding AI (For Science Fair at School :smiley:) \/ \/

FNF Game (Unfinished) that could take real JSON files from FNF


3d Models

Favorite Game I Made (So Far)

Availability —

I am usually available between 10am-9pm EST but feel free to dm me anytime and I’ll try to get back to you asap!

Payment —

I know game development is expensive so prices are negotiable! My preferred payment method is Robux through Group Funds (If you don’t have group funds then a 20% Tax is added to the original price).

Commission Types —

Right now I cannot work full time on any game development, but I can do single jobs!
Also, commission prices are NOT final and can be negotiated later on

Scripting Commissions
  • Debug Scripts = 80R$
  • Simple Script (~200 lines of code) = 150R$
  • Large Script (~800 lines of code) = 300R$
  • Simple System (EX: Door System) = 500R$
  • Large System (EX: Enemy AI or Obby) = 1000R$-5000R$
  • Plugin = <1000R$ (Price will be negociated)
  • VR Specialization = 2000R$
3d Modeling
  • Simple Asset = 80R$
  • Referenced Asset (Give Reference Photo) = 200R$
  • Asset Pack = 500R$

You will need to provide the OBJs for rendering

  • Simple Asset Render (Ex: Dragon pet icon png) = 50R$
  • Game Thumbnail = 250R$
  • Full Scene (Ex: Cafe ) = 2000R$
  • Rig Model (Provide the Model) = 100R$

Terms of Agreement —

Before Hiring me please understand that you will be agreeing to these terms!

  1. I am able to share and open-source the assets that I created for the commission (unless asked)
  2. I am NOT able to share any assets that the client gives during the commission time unless allowed (Example: Sharing a script I am debugging for the client)
  1. I will show proof that the commission is completed before the payment is sent
  2. The commission will be given to the client after it’s paid for
  3. I am able to cancel the commission at any time before being paid


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord
Discord: Gameknight#9101

Thanks for considering me and don’t be afraid to dm any questions! :slight_smile: