Gamepass Purchases not showing up on "My Transactions" page

I’ve just experienced this a while ago. I came here looking for people who have the same issue.


Same problem is happening for me, every transaction (clothes, gamepasses etc.) is just not showing up in transactions or Pending Robux.

I hope this get fixed soon!


This is still an occurring issue.


I am losing pending robux for days now


It’s nothing short of a bad look on Roblox considering how they’ve left this thread open for 9 days with no response, as the issue has progressively worsened. The 2 staff members I pinged have been online but have seemingly just ignored the thread entirely, which is not uncommon at all from Roblox! :smile:

Even if there’s no fix in place a simple “We’re looking into it” would be wonderful, but nope


Quite a consequential issue on many fields, hopefully this is fixed soon. Currently experiencing this myself as well.


This has been happening to me quite a few times over the past month at a much lower rate, with an hour or two of sales data just getting ignored at a time, so this issue has existed for a while now.

Over this past week though, the analytics have become completely unusable and are now only showing maybe 1/4 of my sales.

My pending Robux seems to have also been jumping around quite a lot, so I have no idea how much I am actually earning right now.


+1 happening in my game as well, had a little heart attack when I noticed the hourly revenue suddenly drop by almost 2/3. Started happening just 2 days ago.


I’m experiencing a similar issue with transactions not showing up on the “My Transactions” page. I purchased something on June 7th, but it didn’t show up in my transactions that day. Only today, on June 11th, do I see that the purchase has been logged. Today, I bought something else, and it’s not showing up in my transactions either.

I still expect it will appear eventually, but it’s incredibly frustrating that these transactions don’t show up immediately. I can’t understand why Roblox hasn’t addressed this problem yet. It makes it hard to keep track of purchases and creates a lot of uncertainty.



I’ve noticed this issue since late May where purchasing items deducts Robux without giving the purchased item, and there’s no transaction log. Typically, this resolves itself within 5-60 minutes, but it can affect developer sales, as seen above.

This is just a suspicion, but if you’re experiencing this issue actively, try requesting the problematic item using the inventory is-owned API. For me, this resolved the issue immediately, maybe this action forces roblox to internally update it?

Regardless, Roblox should eventually fix it. I’d be more cautious with large purchases and make sure to reassure players who may feel scammed because their purchases didn’t immediately show up that it will resolve itself eventually.

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Hey all,

We recently encountered a delay in reporting transactions which now has been resolved, some missing records are still being processed and might still take some time to show up in reports. That said, the issue only affect the reports of Purchases. Robux credits/debits all happened in the originally expected time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused and appreciate your patience during this time.



Thanks a lot for the reassurance and long-awaited resolution. Appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: