Games Needed for Egg Hunt 2020!

This is something that interets me to an extent. We’re interested in applying, but our game in it’s current state (although popular) does not perform well on lower-end devices.

We’re working on a huge update to fix all the problems :tm: but don’t expect it to release until maybe Feburary.

My game is still in development and is not going to be done by the 20th but probably the end of February.

Will there still be a main hub, like the 2019 egg hunt? Because although I don’t have a really developed game of my own, I’d still somehow like to contribute. Is there another way I can?


Small question. How would developers be able to reward those eggs to players?


I hope some day the event returns to an actual hunt on beautifully crafted immersive worlds. EBR and Fifteam defined what an egghunt could be, turned it into a piece of art, and brought a memorable experience to the platform; that just isn’t a feeling I’ve ever gotten from regular games on Roblox, save for a very few select titles.

I don’t have high hopes that this format will be able to surpass what they were able to bring to the table, but I’m happy the event is continuing nonetheless; part of me was afraid the reception last year would be used as reasoning to discontinue this tradition.


Are we allowed to resubmit applications for the same game?

My first application was just the first thought that came to mind, and it was super lame.

I’ve come up with a muchhhh better idea. It’ll take ridiculous amounts of work from me, but hey, I’m more than willing. I love a challenge!

Here’s my idea of how to have an egg challenge in Lua Learning:

I will write a 2D puzzle platformer, and the way you control your character is by programming your path and actions at the start of each level. It will be fun, entertaining, a little challenging, and teach a lot of programming fundamentals! Beating the game gives the egg!

Some of you may be familiar with the turtle from Python, that simple thing that you can give commands like move forward and turn. It would be rather similar to that, but with a larger range of commands, and inside a game.
Edit: It’s been brought to my attention that CodeMonkey is almost exactly what I’m describing, if you want to see what I’m going for here.

Your character will be a bunny, and an evil snake has stolen your eggs! (Snakes eat eggs) Each level has an egg as the end point, and you have to navigate your bunny to the egg to move on to the next level. After you beat all the levels, you obtain the Roblox event egg.

What do you guys think?

I’ll begin working on a proof-of-concept Saturday night. Before I get too excited, I need to make sure I can pull this off. I’m pretty confident that I can though!


I’m so eggcited to see the egg hunts continue! I think I’ll apply after polishing the UI of my game! I just hope that popularity isn’t a deciding factor. I heard it isn’t, and I’m hoping it’s true.


Can we apply twice? My devs came up with a newer, better idea than our original. We were wondering if there’s a way to switch?


This is a great chance for developers to get out there into the community! Good luck to all applying!


I love this idea - it provides an awesome way to get more people interested in programming without being too intense and the prize is a good incentive for people to try!


Good luck for all who apply for this!


This is Eggciting I’m definitely applying!


Good luck @wravager and everyone else who apply for this.

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Rather important question: is it required that you localize your game, or at least the parts pertaining to the event?

I assume that you’d want us to make sure the event is internationally available, but I see no mention of this.


Yes, I am am wondering if there is a theme to this year as well, I’m so excited that Egg Hunt is back for 2020.


This is some exciting, and rather unexpected, news, and I love it! I can’t wait to see what games are chosen. I kind of want to submit my own, but it’s just a short memorial and I don’t know if it’d be accepted or not.

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At least the tradition of an official yearly egg hunt isn’t gone.

I still like the old style of egg hunts better, where it was (usually) all done in one big game made specifically for the egg hunt.


I don’t think that’s a good idea, personally. The Egg Hunts have always revolved over quests that were capable of being done by everyone. Having a scripting one would make it difficult for people who didn’t know scripting, and overall against the entire idea of a hunt, it isn’t a GUI hunt. But hey, it probably isn’t a good idea to listen to me, since I just enjoy making constructive criticism. Good luck with your idea! :slight_smile:


I would make it require no prior knowledge! The point is that they would learn throughout the game.

There’s a board game called RoboTurtles by Thinkfun that is pretty much this and it’s aimed at preschool children.


Do you have to use an existing game you have released, or can it be something made just for the egg hunt?