[Gelato Parlour] | Community Handbook Portal

Gelato Parlour | Community Handbook Portal

This thread contains the information and guides you’ll need for Gelato Parlour, the main source of these can also be found on our Discord #server-rules channel along with our Google Document.

Rank Descriptions - [Gelato Parlour] | Rank Descriptions

Code of Conduct - [Gelato Parlour] | Code of Conduct

Blacklist Appeal Guide - [Gelato Parlour] | Blacklist Appeal Guide

Senior Scooper Promotion Guide - [Gelato Parlour] | Senior Scooper Promotion Guide

Alliance Guide - [Gelato Parlour] | Alliance Guide

Gelato Public Relations,
Gelato Corporate Team,
Gelato Super Rank Team,

Gelato Parlour

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