Get bundle(s) containing asset

I want to make an avatar game, and part of the game should include displaying asset information and prompting their purchase. But some assets can only be obtained with the purchase of one of their corresponding bundles.

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to find the bundles containing a certain asset. Right now we have to index and create a lookup for all the bundles, and this will only become more impractical as the catalog of bundles grows.

In the scenario I am thinking of right now, I want to sell players all the items of a HumanoidDescription. So since an asset can be held in multiple bundles, I would need to calculate the most economical options for players and present them e.g. one obvious pareto optimal is selling the cheapest set of bundles that contains all the assets of the HumanoidDescription. (But what if the player has multiple HumanoidDescriptions in his “cart” and wants to “checkout” all of them at once? This is why I think we developers should be able to get the set of bundles containing an asset.)

For convenience it would also be cool if the asset itself was counted as a bundle I think.