PromptBundlePurchase not enabled

Reproduction Steps
Try to use PromptBundlePurchase from a standard Script or LocalScript.

Expected Behavior
I want the user to be prompted with a bundle purchase.

Actual Behavior
An error is thrown stating PromptBundlePurchase is not yet enabled. Note that this function was added in Jun '19 and permissioned for standard script execution in Nov '20, so I think it is reasonable to assume that it is a bug that it has not yet been enabled?

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


I would also like to point out that you can prompt bundle purchases with the Avatar Inspect Menu, however, this method is not great and does not give the commission % as you do with other avatar assets.

Using the old AssetId for animation packs and bundles works but there is no AssetId for new bundles released after Roblox changed bundles from AssetId to BundleId.

Commission robux is given when the old AssetId is bought:

  • The AssetId is 892276056, while the bundleId is 48. However, the new bundles do not have an AssetId like this one.

Hi, thanks for the report! Are you still seeing this issue?

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Just tried now, I’m still seeing this issue

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Still not working as of today.

is there an update on this yet? i’d like to use this for an avatar editor project.

Hope this gets enabled soon, it would be nice to sell bundles in game without using weird workaround that only work on some

@gigagiele It seems to still happen today. Are there plans for this to be enabled anytime soon?


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Still not working as of today (5/4/22).

Hello all, I thought I’d jump in provide a quick update! As of today, we are aware that this feature isn’t enabled in-game yet; we have couple of action items that need to be addressed before it can be enabled and we are actively looking into right now so hopefully soon!


PromptBundlePurchase has now been enabled!


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