Get more visits on my game without pay robux

Hello! I have a big problem.
I made a game but my game don’t have enought visit and I don’t have robux to make advertising.
Please help me!

( I am not sure to have choosen the good category. Please say me also where I must place this Topic. )


This is the right category.

For advertising you will most likely need Robux. Part of planning a project is allocating your budget wisely; I would strongly recommend you consider this in the future prior to creating games.

Since you have no money, you could attempt to get a popular YouTuber or influencer to play your game and promote it to their audience. If you, or any of your friends, own a large community (i.e. a Discord server) you can also promote your game through there to get people to play. You could also try word of mouth (tell people about your game, get those people to tell others, get others to tell other people, etc.) but that is highly ineffective and I wouldn’t recommend it. There isn’t a lot you can do without Robux.

There are also a variety of other topics you can use to read up on how to promote your game properly, such as:

You can find a lot more of these posts via the search bar, and I’m sure they will be of use.

I have ~800K visits on my game, I have never advertised.

If you have a unique idea and some people find it, it’ll gain traction. It’s dead now from the lack of updates but whatever.

This is what I do (I have a game that’s a WIP, so we aren’t advertising it yet):
To get a playerbase without spending money on ads, I play games that are similar to mine and make friends there. If there are people interested, I invite them to try my game. These people are more likely to be interested because they like similar games, and therefore are also going to be able to give you better feedback for your game. You can also just invite friends in general.

Whenever I update my game, I reach out to these friends and invite them to play my game to try out the new update with me as well. This is when my game usually has the most players.

Making friends and inviting them to play your game is a good way to get people interested. Sometimes their friends will join and so on, and you can get a small group of people interested.

Hope this helps!

In such cases, you can find an investor.

You can’t find an investor in this devforum, but you can find one by using discord.