Get rid of the chat filter in the Talent Hub

I mean access to the Talent Hub will be given to anyone with access to #collaboration currently.

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Oh come on now that’s obvious.


The DevForum has no filter and is pretty safe. I get the gist of it, but if Talent Hub is for DevForum users, and DevForum users are mostly trustworthy…



It’s the same reason LinkedIn does not have a chat filter on their site; it defeats communicative purpose.


I think the problem is that it needs to be more clear what the overall purpose of the talent hub is. I’m not really saying we need a tutorial, but more of a general expectation of its uses. For me personally, I found the chat filter so annoying that I just linked my Discord to my applicants just to avoid the chat filter. I did not know that was actually expected: to just find applicants and then communicate elsewhere. It can be confusing and frustrating for users to try to communicate with potential applicants with a chat filter that hinders communication. I think it needs to be stated somewhere how the talent hub works, and how developers are encouraged to use it.

Although I did read it in the rules, I think it should be way clearer that communication elsewhere is allowed and in fact encouraged. For example, (I know someone already mentioned this) the word Discord is actually hashtagged which makes it confusing if it’s still allowed or not.


It seems that having discord in my bio is a rule violation, which virtually gives creators like myself the inability to contact others. Messaging people on the site is extremely inefficient as well. I’m not able to send images, and if I mention the word social media or even twitter it gets tagged. It would be useful to have discord as an option under links or even a new tab called “contact” so I could better contact other creators.

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Well, the Talent Hub will be open to <13 users unlike the Devforum and that is why it needs a chat filter. A chat filter is also needed because the Talent Hub won’t really be moderated by humans like with the Devforum.

Do you have a source for that?


I don’t think so since the announcement mentions it being available to DevForum members.


In the announcement itself it says:

I’m not sure if I’m just misinterpreting it, but the way it is worded (and the fact that Roblox made an article for parents) implies that it may very well be open to users under 13, unless Roblox is just babying 13+ “just in case”. I believe that is why users with PIN can only see verified creators in the first place (intended to be for parental control for safety). I personally don’t agree with it being open to <13, but that calls for a separate feature request.


Just reading through, I think the parental controls are intended for 13-17 year olds currently (anything under 18 makes sense for parental control). I don’t think 13- year olds can access the Talent Hub currently and there doesn’t really seem to be an intent for it considering they allow you to go off-platform after applying. (would be COPPA violation if they let 13- do that)


As others stated, but loosen it up a bit more, when contacting people i want to try and get some more work, game links, etc. Cant do that if it gets tagged, im forced to bring to Discord, and if i dont like them, it is more clutter in my dms there, while here i can deny and it deletes.

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Right now you can get people onto Discord via a Talent Hub application (ie tell them to add you on Discord from web chat). As stated previously, we’re working with the right teams to get the chat filtering turned down so that it’s easier to communicate directly within Talent Hub.


I’m still confused though.

DevForum is 13+ and does not have a chat filter, but Talent Hub is only accessible to DevForum members (which are all 13+), so therefore, it shouldn’t have a chat filter, and it also doesn’t need to take COPPA and other children’s privacy laws into consideration.

Even if you are encouraged to communicate elsewhere, that still doesn’t provide a clear reason as to why there is a chat filter, as instead of asking users to switch platforms to communicate via unfiltered chat, they could just communicate in the same platform with no filter (or I’m even fine with a filter that only censors out strong profanity and racial slurs).

Like I said before, the current chat filter has too many positives, and is not benefiting developers.

Finally, I just want to say that I really appreciate the quick replies and responses by the amazing staff on the platform.


Just a side note but there is a preassumption here that devforum is in an ideal state now without any sort of content safety at all. That might not be the same assumption Roblox is operating under and would disqualify the rest of your argument here.


The addition of the 13+ filter might or might not sort this issue out to a certain extent.

There was no recent addition of a 13+ filter. The only addition was a new setting which you can’t change. 13+ has had things filtered less strictly for a very long time.



I can’t communicate with people looking to hire me- I run almost all my commission communications through Discord, but every time I try to put it on my profile, I’m taken down for “real info”. How else am I supposed to communicate with people? The chat filter’s whole existence in DMs is infuriating!

There is no good reason for someone below the age of 13 to be on Talent Hub, and it’s more reasonable that >13 users exist on DevForum rather than Talent Hub (thank god they’re not, though).

This simply isn’t true. I can’t use the word “Discord” without it getting filtered. I can’t post my Discord tag- again, where I do 99% of my communication- without my profile getting hit with a “real information” warning. Even “disc” has gotten filtered.

We don’t want the chat filter’s effects to be lessened on Talent Hub, we want it gone. There’s no good reason for kids below age 13 to be on Talent Hub- what happened to child labor laws? Sure, they apply less here, but they’re one of the reasons YouTube had to add that annoying “Are there any kids in your video” alert everytime you upload something new.
In the way DevForum has no filter, Talent Hub shouldn’t have one either. It’s counter-intuative and is making business very difficult, if not impossible, to do.


Why do you have a chat filter anyways? The only thing it’s doing is limiting developers from communicating.


I completely agree. You can’t even tell someone to chat in Discord because of the chat filtering system. Why? Because even the word DISCORD is tagged. (No, I don’t have an under 13 account, and this still happens)