Get your game on the nice list - the Winter Sort!

Over 100 isn’t really low concurrent players…

Sure everything is relative… I agree
But when it comes to high quality games with professional developers, we might consider 100 to be low

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Fair enough, but if I already had 100 concurrent players I’d feel content and quite excitable and leave it at that.

Fortunately, I was lucky enough for one of my games (Expedition Antarctica) to feature on the winter sort, thank you very much Roblox :+1:! Expedition Antarctica does fit the sort criteria pretty well I guess, so it didn’t come as a total surprise.


That is just terrible how Doomspire is even there.

Most of the games there I have indeed heard of which means Roblox hasn’t used really any small games. @koaffle this is wrong how your basically discriminating games based on their player size and adding non christmas games.


The survey specifically asked if your game would be releasing holiday content before the 17th. It also honestly doesn’t make sense to put these games on the front page in the winter sort when majority of them are already featured on it.

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This was just the like the Halloween Sort one. All the popular games which were already a lot well-known on the platform were chosen and put on the Winter Sort. I think most of the players already know that their game already have winter updates.

Many developers who spent tons of time on their actually winter based projects are going to be really sad after seeing this. I can just see 2 or 3 games which were underrated and are put in the sort but all others are just updates on the game where there was just snow effects and snow added as an update.

I don’t see why Doomspire Brickbattle and BAKON were added in the sort. The developer of BAKON literally said “WINTER EVENT update comes out Friday night!” which is tomorrow and yet it is chosen. There are so many games which should not be in there. I am nowhere able to see anything that was added in Doomspire Brickbattle even close the word “winter”

I agree that some good games with low players were added but just 3-4 out of 50+ isn’t just “Lots”

It was predicted by many people that small developers will be disappointed by the results and it actually happened. There are a lot of small but hard working developers and actually good games that deserves to get player exposure and if you would’ve wanted, you could try to accept just a little more small games maybe?

I’m not mad or hating anything but it’s just kind of sad how we spent over a month making our very advanced story game which was loved by many big and famous roblox developers and youtubers but still it just didn’t make it. I can already see how many people are upset about it.

I feel like the small underrated developers who put months of work into the projects and end up quitting Roblox should also be given a chance. If you ask me, I am disappointed in the results of the survey overall because of many reasonw that I have and many more people have posted.


Congratulations on your success! Your game is one of them that should be on there.


Okay, I can see that now games are on the sort some of them are slowly updating to winter themes, however, the criteria said BEFORE the 17th and this is why I put up this argument in the first place.

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Once again, the holiday sort is a mess. Almost 60% of these games should have not been accepted due to the fact that they where not updated by the 16th. This is honestly sad.

Actually its by the 16th they had to update.

All the games circled should be removed from the sort and replaced with games that actually are willing to follow the rules.


They should add more games as well, there is a small amount of games in that sort. This is just sad to see, but it was also expected, I just saw that my game wasn’t there and my reaction was like:

Even though I wanted my game to be there, even though the winter update is not the best, is better than many other winter updates. Well, I won’t worry that much cuz there is nothing I can do. Is their decision not mine.


Will there ever be a spring/easter sort or some february/valentines day sort?

They might do so, but just imagine how it will be, maybe the same thing as Halloween and Winter. Unless they change the way they select games.


i went in expecting nothing, and i still somehow got disappointed;
again there are games that have 0 winter content, maybe a christmas tree;
and it is again exclusively already established games.
stop giving small developers hope for your crappy sorts that miss the theme anyways

Reminder that roblox somehow managed to undershoot my expectation of 0
it’s the exact same garbage that got pulled on the halloween sort


The winter sort-isn’t that winter themed, not holidays in general?

  • Shred-Skiing game. Winter themed.

  • Super golf-I’ve seen it with winter content earlier in december.
    I agree with you about all the other games though.

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We just did a massive update for Doomspire Brickbattle, it is now winter-themed. We’ve been working the past 5 days non-stop to get this update out.


The list is a bit disappointing, I already recognize nearly all of the games that are on the Holiday sort and half of the updates barely had any effort put into them.

My team and I have been working on a Christmas update for our very small game, Coloring Simulator, for several weeks that we had put a lot of effort into and it’s disappointing to see the choice of most games on the sort. We had put a ton of time into making a new questline NPC, a custom Christmas boss, and animations on top of the Christmas theme we added to the map. Then the games that got chosen over ours, or even other small games that are in a similar spot to ours, are mostly big games with very small Christmas updates.


I love to see the update is here but if you see, it came today however it was supposed to come before this. I play your game a lot and I can only see the winter update now but still anyways good job! At least it’s here now and players can enjoy! :slight_smile:

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We tried very hard to get it out the evening of the 16th, but a brand new bug appeared in final testing out of nowhere that day which broke a central component of the game’s UI and we had to spend a few hours finding out what it was and patching it. After this of course, we had to test the game five or six times with many players over another few hours to make sure it worked fine, fixing small bugs and such along the way, as is to be expected… Once all was said and done, it was 3 AM and we were in no mood to release only to worry about some new game breaking bug in the live game, so we decided to just release as soon as the winter sort started. I doubt too many players were upset about it being less than a day late, so I’m just happy we were able to finish the update without much of a hitch. Thanks for the response


There’s no point in what you do, the application is fake, it’s all fake. They take the games in the popular sort and publish them again under the name “Winter Sort”. There are people who have done such great builds/showcases/places that you cannot count them. When there are so many beautiful places that are in the winter category, do you really go and put in games that are absurd (like “bakon”,“doomspire”), not even related to winter? What you are doing is nothing but disrespect and disappointment to people’s labor. Someone had to say these things, and so much wasted labor is now tedious. Have a nice day.