Get your game on the nice list - the Winter Sort!

According to the Halloween sort, no.


Sponsors and advertisements are broken anyways. Seriously the best way to advertise your game is just putting it in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations here on the DevForum because then if members like the game, they’ll tell their friends etc. Not every game uses advertisements to get popular too. It’s also incredibly mean how you say those games have no players, people have worked ridiculously hard on games.


I don’t think all small games are low quality. I just like the way Roblox handled this. Thanks.

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How exactly am I wasting your time? I’m just giving feedback to what you said which is again very demotivating to small developers.


Not everyone celebrates Christmas either


I completely understand that opinion but @Ty_IsHomeSchooled already said that.


This is fantastic! Just in time for Christmas Rush’s release! :santa:

I’m hoping more games get into this sort this year. There was a few games in the Halloween sort that didn’t really do a whole lot for Halloween. I’m hoping this Winter sort will give recognition to the effort a lot of developers put into making their games festive.


oh boy here I go christmasing up the place


Please Accept my game onto the game sorts, I’ve been working for Days to get it just right for that Real feel that sparks your Christmas spirit :DD

Merry Christmas


Why is it that people are offended at the term “Merry Christmas” just because they don’t celebrate it? Like I’m disgusted at Halloween but I don’t take offense when people celebrate it


So true. known games should not get in contests like these. They already have their fame, and i agree most of them do not even have anything to do with halloween.


i’m probably not going to enter this sort due to the horrible quality and thought of the halloween sort, i wish everyone that does apply to it though good luck


everyone starts small and you can’t just put the rich in a category and say it’s unfair, this ain’t real life I guarantee all the devs on the front page worked really hard to get there game where it’s at and I can also guarantee they didn’t inherit it from their parents

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TFW your Christmas is in summer


It looks like you didn’t even read what I said. Are you saying that small games don’t work hard, so they shouldn’t be in the Halloween sort? Known games already are known, they shouldn’t invade EVERY category.

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How am I supposed to enter? The survey link does not work for me and returns “Bad request”

Press the link many times again.

This sounds like a great idea! But I got one question, is this available to obby games too?

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Yay, I can’t wait to see dozens of already popular games that just have a few toolbox decorations and a recolored environment appear in this temporary sort!

Please, raise your standards for this. Like @Ty_IsHomeSchooled said, games that are 1: on the front page, 2: have almost nothing to do with Christmas or winter in general, and 3: have little originality should not be able to waste spaces on this new sort.