Getting alot of dislikes on game

My game has pretty much maintained a good like-dislike ratio, until very recently.

You can see it here:

Now, there are some suspicious points. First of all, I’ve seen some bots in my game, with usernames with something like ROBLOX12042, and they all look very similar.

Two players have already threatened to dislike my game with their alts because I did not yield to their (unreasonable) demands.

Of course, I ignored them and this could be the result.

This is strange because when I hopped in on my main or on my alts I haven’t experience any major issues and have received mostly positive feedback.

The sudden change in ratio (which changed almost overnight) seems extremely suspicious to me, and unfortunately report abuse has not led to any promising results: when I reported people with proof (for exploiting, making a bunch of alts and disliking) nothing has happened.

Is there any ways to deal with this? Do I just have to take a hit? I’ve spent a lot of time making this game and I’d hate to have it crash and burn just because a few kids thought it would be funny do this.

EDIT: For exact numbers, this game has been out for about a month. My like/dislike ratio went fron around 87% to 69% in about two days. There have been no significant issues to cause this according to about a dozen people who are actively playing.


I Never heard of taking the Ratio back to a recent status, so i’ll assume there is no prevention to it, Considering like/dislike Bots also exists and Roblox is still not in measure to controls unknown games literally exposed to the eyes of everyone,

Don’t believe they’ll actuallly care of your situation as it can just happens again in 10 minutes even if they actually manually fix your issue, they probably want to fully blocks bots before working on minor impacts.

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I understand what you are saying.

I’m just concerned that this could happen to anyone, including some front page games:

This isn’t even something I was considering when I started developing, and I don’t see how game developers can take roblox seriously if literally anyone could destroy their game. No one likes to see hundreds of hours go down the drain, and that might be what’s happening to me.


I Agree that it’s utterly troublesome when there are no preventions about it, but it’s true, there is just none.

Ultimately, you’d have to make your game Paid Access, but obviously, this is not what you’d wanna go for, Best bet is that they make additional conditions to Rate a game, 5 Minute of gameplay should be the minimum considering you can even dislike if you’re instantly kicked.


Best bet is that they make additional conditions to Rate a game, 5 Minute of gameplay should be the minimum considering you can even dislike if you’re instantly kicked

This right here needs to be seen. Exploiters could also easily join your game, get banned, and then dislike the game too.

Just keep developing and hanging in there OP. Even if it bots aren’t the case, if you just keep devceloping and not really worry too much about the like/dislike ratio your game will only improve and more and more Player’s will begin liking it. You can also check out this post. Goes more into detail about this current problem hitting Roblox and ways you can protect your game.


Yes, this is a great idea.

I feel like these measures aren’t hard at all to add. In fact, why haven’t they been added? Every day or two some game gets botted to the front page, just look at r/Roblox posts to see them.

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I believe that ROBLOX should install Captcha on liking/disliking too, because these dislike bots really hurt ratings of many great games. :frowning:


That’s a great motivational speech and all, and I had the same mindset as you sir. The reality is quite different though. I touched on this very subject.

And well, out of all the post, over half of them said YES, dislike matter.

It’s a sad truth, and I hope Roblox fixes this soon.

The reason I say this is to make sure people do not undermine the damage caused by this problem. Dislikes isn’t something you should just ignore. It’s a serious problem that should be taken seriously by both developers and the staff.

If we as developers speak loudly enough, someone, somewhere is bound to hear our cry for help.

I just want everyone to know I’m not trying to be mean to anyone.

I just want to make sure that we’re all on the same page so people don’t think “Well I guess it’s not a big deal” because well,

It is a big deal.

I also just wanted to mention really quick, I’m very sorry for what happened to you Lawnmovver, you don’t deserve this. You’ve been very active and helpful in these forums and I am pretty upset to read

This is just threatening you, trying to bully you into doing what they want. I hope the Roblox staff responds quickly and make sure justice is served.

I checked your game out and I love the customization and simplicity of the game, it’s very easy to jump in and I learned the game instantly. I enjoyed it and left a like. It’s a lot better than your average “simulator” or “obby” game!

Again, I can’t express how sorry I am to hear of your situation.


Oh, I believe dislikes matter. The like/dislike ratio is meant to show developers that Player’s aren’t enjoying their game for what it is and you need to make some improvements on things(At least that is what I make of it). I meant that for OP if the Player’s are disliking the game and they are not bots then he/she should continue developing based off of these dislikes and improving until Player’s DO begin liking the game. What I meant by

not really worry too much about the like/dislike ratio

is try not to get discouraged because you are getting a lot of dislikes. Instead, focus on developing the game/idea and improving upon it. A great way to do this btw is by creating a twitter or an area for Player’s to submit ideas/bugs. Discord is also great for this.

I heavily agree that the like/dislike system needs to be reworked to add some sort of buffer for Player’s using them. In its current state, botters can completely destroy a small game if they wished to do so. This problem has been happening for a long time now. I guess it is a complex issue that Roblox is trying to fix and hopefully we will see a fix soon :slight_smile: !

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Yeah, this is a increasingly growing concern for game developers. People who dislike bot games or threaten to attack your game with bots are just people who are jealous of your success because they don’t possess the skill set to become as successful as you.

Despite there being an efficient solution, I would just include in the description of your game that it has been victim to dislike bots and the majority of your players should hopefully understand this and give your game a go still. Also, like @kenami said, you could make your game paid access but, again, that will reduce player counts exponentially.

Hope you recover from this attack and good luck with your game.

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I personally See This A lot In Games Being Disliked By Bots I don’t Know How You Should Handle It Its Really Annoying When You Put Time And Effort Into A game and gets Disliked botted I Think Roblox Has Too Do Something About This.

The thing is, I haven’t made any drastic changes to the game and suddenly went from very good like/dislike ratio to over a 10% drop in a short amount of time. I don’t think my game suddenly got worse, and it would be a lie to say I’m not discouraged by it.

If I work at basically any job I can get the minimum job security and insurance, but making games on roblox is pretty much making a game and hoping someone else doesn’t destroy it before it gets popular. To top it off, the people who are doing this have accounts on the dev forum their selves, and I believe one considers himself a developer.

Because of the rules of this forum, I am not allowed to call them out and they can get away with this. I will try to contact roblox dev relations, hope they can do something, as the report abuse option has done nothing for me.

I’ll keep this short ~

Like / Dislike botting is definitely an issue, and CAPTCHA(s) will not work like they haven’t with preventing the creation of bot accounts for botting in the first place. Roblox does routinely reverse the actions of bot accounts including Liking / Disliking when they terminate those accounts but they’re able to only handle so many at a time.

I personally suggest contacting Developer Relations to see if they are able to handle it. Sometimes, they’ll take action to reverse it but most of time it seems they’re unable as proving botting can be difficult as a lot of botters mix stolen accounts with “bot created” accounts to avoid detection nowadays.

Now this isn’t a solution, rather something to think about but does the like ratio really matter?
This may bring some comfort if you consider the actual relevance of it as referred to within this thread, Do Dislikes Matter?

(I’ve personally encountered this issue, and found that it really doesn’t matter at the end since it barely made a dent in my community / profits)

I’ve looked into some of the games you run, such as this:

For obby games, which tend to have low like/dislike ratios anyways, no, they don’t matter.

But you can’t generalize your results to everybody else. I feel that I’ve already seen a decrease in revenue, and I hope this doesn’t affect retention too.

Just for point of reference ~ I was referring to development projects I’ve been apart of and had a share of profit from. You just found my cash-cow which is really meant to be a cash-cow and nothing else which is slightly awkward. (Completely TOS compliant, and a great fund source for other projects)

Regardless, it’s up to the developer if they consider the ratio to be relevant to them but it isn’t for most especially the larger your game becomes. You might be noticing this profit issue from the size of your game in it’s current stage in terms of the community size / player-base.

I didn’t mean to call you out on anything, I’m thankful for your response and advice. Personally, I wouldn’t play a game with a suspicious amount of dislikes so I feel like I am being negatively affected by the malicious users. I don’t know about the general population of roblox or other games, but a lot of my paying players are older players, who probably care more about likes/dislikes than the general population of roblox.

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Well from personal experience, and the countless communities I’ve worked with or been in… I’ve noticed that people nowadays really don’t care about the ratio as the younger audience usually don’t even look at it while the older audiences may take notice but they’ll usually check out the game for themselves as it’s just a click (If they clicked to see the game aka where the ratio is ~ they were already going to check it out anyway)

The ratio tends to only becomes a serious issue when it’s Paid Access as people aren’t going to buy a game with a high dislike ratio as it’s not free for them to check out themselves.
(If a nerd is willing to spend a considerable amount of Robux to bot your game, smh)

(Np on the callout ~ I just wanted to make sure you knew my experience isn’t limited to a cashcow, lol.)

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I have seen many games get dislike botted, Literally thousands of dislikes can be put on games in minutes. I feel as Roblox should add CAPTCHA to game ratings.

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Steam has something where if an account never bought anything it can’t vote (something like that, from what I heard). They don’t necessarily have to buy something from the game they are voting on, just anything in general.

I think something like this would make botting unprofitable/obsolete. Well established platforms like Steam use this, and I don’t see why roblox can’t too. But I guess it would “ruin UX” or something, so we have to just suck it up.

Just ignore the like ratio. From my knowledge (unless you have loads of new players each day 10k+) it shouldn’t matter. Focus more on community feedback to improve your game. Dislikes don’t tell you anything other than the fact that they can click a button. Some people could be jealous, some people may not like you, some people may just hate the game, someone could have been banned for all you know. I have a small community game and have had numerous people make alts just to dislike the game. Now it sits at a 67% like rating (as opposed to the previous 85% it was for 2 years). Smaller games often target exploiters looking for a reaction too so keep that in mind. Just don’t be vocal about dislikes and ignore them.

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