Global issues with buying developer products in multiple games

A while ago, the players in my game’s discord group have started to report problems related to buying developer products. They are saying it takes their money, even though it displays an error message when trying to purchase stuff:

Even though the game doesn’t register the purchase at all, the robux is still taken from their accounts, and it can be found in the trade tab:

I have confirmed this myself in several other games (Jailbreak, UD Westover), and it happened in 100% of the situations. In all cases, the game’s side never registered any of the failed purchases (didn’t award the promised product), even though the robux was still taken.

Edit: I’ve changed it to ROBLOXCRITICAL as suggested by some people.

Edit (2): I’ve checked if it’s still happening, and it seems to be fixed (confirmed by multiple people).


Yes this needs to be fixed ASAP.

Just tested this on Flood Escape 2 by Crazyblox.
It does it here too.


Are you definite the R$ is still taken from their accounts? Messages appear in the transaction tab regardless of if a transaction worked or not. When this happened in the past, R$ was not taken from accounts.


This is happening to my games as well, for sure a global issue

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Yes. When i tested this I had 25 robux removed from my account

Edit on this: The transaction DOES show up in my trades up. But ingame no gems were added onto my account. And my balance did go down 25 robux.
So yes can 100% confirm this is a ongoing issue.
But unsure if its for anyone else


Best thing to do now is just disable your developer products, until it gets fix. Alternative to this is just make a game rewards exclusive for the people who didn’t their items/misc.


I just tested this in my own game, can confirm this is happening.

Game link: Dance Your Blox Off - Roblox

Just to be sure it wasn’t just me I tried it in Meep City too:


Can confirm this. Just spent 28 robux as a test purchase, robux got deducted and did not receive my product!


Oh no no no! Not this agian!! This has happened before! It’s also happening for me, can confirm.

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This happened before, right? Was it fixed then happened agian, or always broken since

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Well, last time they did note they were looking for a permanent solution:

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Can confirm this. Received a couple of related reports for my game


Can confirm this as well, been getting a flood of reports for the last week or so.

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Hi everyone, engineering is aware of this and is actively investigating.


Just tested on my own game it appears to be resolved.

Developer products should be temporary disabled just to reduce the grief. People are contacting us as developers about getting charged on failed purchases, and we are unable to do anything but disable our Dev-products while telling those affected that they just have to wait to see if Roblox issues a refund on all those errors sometime in the future. :pensive:


Same, this exact same thing happened to me, I was given a 2k donation just to get nothing I expected in return. Glad to say, me and the owner figured some things out.

Players Are Now Angry

What do I do?
For starters of developers who have received the messages of people losing Robux, consider a refund for specific players or global refund.

Common practice whenever a maintenance is over.

Also if the funds are refunded on the site(Robux transactions reversed), we can scratch the first paragraph.


Can also confirm this. I have warned players on Discord but there are probably still going to be people who purchase. Hopefully they’ll get a refund on the site?

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Can also confirm this in Riverside Prison Service V2 [My Game]. I have disabled Developer Products buying as of now in my game.

11 Hours for a ROBLOXCRITICAL?!