Global Rule 16 should be clarified that FOSS is allowed as long as it's not off-topic

Global Rule 16 should be edited that FOSS is allowed as long as it’s not off topic in the context of the conversation.

The rule reads:

I had a link edited out by a member of DET as it was an advertisement, however after re-reading the guidelines they realized that they made a mistake and edited it back in, after a short conversation they came to the conclusion that FOSS is allowed as long as it isn’t off-topic, and both agreed that the rules are very vague on this, so I agreed to make a feature request on it. Here’s the thread:

I think this should be edited as there’s no harm in sharing your software as long as it is on topic in the context of the conversation and it’s not for profit. (FOSS Software). Again, I am not suggesting advertising your software that is for profit and closed source is allowed.

Thanks! :grin:


And as long as you don’t spam-promote your site on any remotely relevant bug report, which would of course be incredibly annoying. :slight_smile:

You should use Resources category to share products you’ve made that are open-source. The rule is correct and should not be changed, there’s no need to.


That’s the plan. :slightly_smiling_face: I was going to wait until I finished working on the in-game API but this has made me rethink that.

The point behind sharing it on bug reports related to outages is to prevent many of those “me too!” sort of posts as this should show whether or not this issue exists on the west-coast servers.

I mainly think this should be clarified as it’s a very vague rule, nothing is put that shows what is okay and what isn’t.