Gods' Domain - Public Update Log 1.8.0

Gods’ Domain, Update 1.8.0

Last Update: Gods' Domain - Public Update Log 1.7.0
Next Update: Gods' Domain - Public Update Log 1.9.0

Symbols meaning

[*] - Bug fix / other
[+] - New feature
[-] - Removed feature
[\] - Comment

[+] Breathing VFX is always enabled in tundra
[+] Binate glimmer spell
[+] Added /stun give delay command
[+] Optional 3rd parameter for /ragdoll command, which waits X seconds before ragdolling. Usage:/ragdoll {give, remove} {number}
[+] Evindel Port ambience
[+] Lowered stun-time to 0.5 seconds
[+] Complete hotbar and inventory rewrite and redesign: inventory is not finished and is not implemented for now.
[+] Status bars rewrite
[+] Different stun animations play depending on hit direction
[+] Decreased punch visual delay
[+] Walking, idling and running weapon animations are updated on cilent
[+] Improved and more realistic sprinting behavior
[+] Hotbar slots are ordered lexicographically - their order is preserved upon rejoin
[+] You can now swap hotbar slots around (hold-LMB and move mouse)
[+] Update area handler to use event-based code
[+] Further exploit verification for melee hitboxes
[+] Unit test for DamageNetwork
[+] Strict type-checking for spell modules

[*] Jumping in place plays a walk animation
[*] Unable to damage mobs or players
[*] Wheat flying in the air
[*] Added collidable blocks to stairs to stop heat smashing bug
[*] Jittering leaf block
[*] Error spam when using weapons
[*] Ragdolling down a slope triggers anticheat
[*] Ragdoll not cleaning up traces of itself properly
[*] Ragdolling while climbing causes flight
[*] Running, then idling and walking does not reset speed to walking-speed [UNABLE TO REPRODUCE]
[*] Stun animation not playing
[*] No footstep SFX
[*] Falling animation doesn’t play properly
[*] No walking animation when hit while walking/running
[*] Unragdolling has a chance of slightly flinging you
[*] Walking while ragdolling makes you speed fast enough to triger anticheat [UNABLE TO REPRODUCE]
[*] Other players appear to be looking straight down when they are not
[*] Character is unable to switch walls while climbing, if the wall is at an acute angle
[*] Climb bugging out on some corners

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