Good sources for tree designs?

hello I’m looking for tree designs, that can tell me for my game if they can send me images please thanks


It would be helpful to know the style of the build you’re aiming for. If you’re looking for inspiration, hit the search tool and search for trees or terraining. There are a LOT of absolutely incredible creations out here on the DevForum and even more on the Roblox website.

If you’re looking for specific designs, read below:
Are you attempting to achieve a cartoonish effect, perhaps a realistic effect, will the trees be animated, will they have material textures applied or be plastic, etc.

These are questions you should ask yourself. When you see this message, please respond and I’ll do my best to help you find the assets you need.

Subnote: Try a google search for a tree leaf .png, tree bark/wood .png, etc. There are plenty free to use textures.


Low-Poly or what?

What type of style are you looking for?


Have you tried looking up trees on google images? Nature has designed a lot of things for you already.

You should try searching the forum before creating a thread, as this has been discussed extensively before. Below are some good threads on this topic.


You need to specify what the style or setting of your game is first. Cartoony? Realistic? Is it in the mountains or down below??

It’s very hard to recommend types of trees when you don’t tell us the style of your game. Look on Google Images and use trees that suit your taste. Otherwise, we can’t really help you.

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We need to know more information about where you plan on using your trees in your game. Screenshots of you game would be nice. If your game is low poly then you should make a low poly tree. The best way to make them is in Blender as you can, in simple terms, control the poly count. These trees shouldn’t go over the top with detail as you are trying to keep the poly count to a minimum. As low poly means low polygon count. The reason why people make low poly builds is to reduce lag.

If your game is more of a realistic you should make a more realistic tree. You can make these in blender as well. In my opinion Blender is the best program to make trees in. If you don’t get on with blender you can make really nice trees in studio as well.

Here is a few things you may find useful:


Greetings. I think you should be more specific with what type of trees you’re looking for. There’s a plugin that helps with landscape, including trees (ChuckXZ). If you’re looking for low-poly, I’ve come across this post. The forest build in this post is low-poly and is easy to copy.
Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face: