Gore/Blood on Xbox/Playstation

Hey. I have a mid-bloody game and i wanted to upload it on console too.

I remember that Roblox showed me a warning something about “blood or smth”. (it doesnt pop up now.) Can anyone tell me is blood allowed on console?


The old Xbox guidelines no longer apply:

However, you should refer to the Age Guidelines for all of Roblox:


I’ve been curious about this as well actually.

Before guidelines and age systems it was practically hell to develop violent games for xbox since you had to check for controller input in a very janky way to enable blood for PC users but disable it for console users.

I hope guidelines changed because I actually want to support console even if it only holds less than 2% of Roblox’ total player base.

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I don’t think your game will get flagged or anything if it has blood on console. I say support console, and that’s to everyone and anyone. We gotta grow that %; Roblox needs to work more on the console side of things. I think growing the market might help things.

If you get “shadow banned” or get a warning, make a bug report to document the issue.